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Hair Accessories

A Host Of Hair Accessories

Who doesn't love to adorn their crown, their hair, with the most beautiful and stunning accessories? The answer is probably, no one!


From the prehistoric era, hair accessories have existed. Different staples of hair ornaments have been worn by women and men alike. Crowns, feathers, bones, and so on were worn by people in ancient Rome and Greece. The Egyptian people in the Bronze Age wore wooden combs and ancient Welsh women donned lock rings made of gold in their hair while the Japanese women wore Kogai Pins to keep any negative energies and evil, away. Mesopotamian men, between the 17th-18th centuries, would also wear hair accessories such as ribbons and bows.

Different types of hair accessories-

1. Hair Clips - There is a huge range available in it and women tend to love all kinds of hair clips. Anyone looking for more strong and sturdy hair clips should always opt for metal ones since the plastic ones can wither away very easily. The metal ones help in keeping hair in place better than any other material. The size of the clips also matter and may be chosen as per one's taste and liking.

2. Hairband or Headband - Another very common hair accessory women like to wear for different purposes is the hairband or the headband. These can be made of clothes and soft and stretchy material while some could be hard, meant to stay at one place like the ones with metal or plastic base or ring that may or may not be adorned or wrapped with velvet, satin or any other cloth and decorations such as pearls, beads, crystals, and so on.

3. Hairpins - Bobby pins and the U-shaped pins are the most common type in this category. This style originated in Assyria and Egypt where the pins were often carved out of wood, bone, metal or even ivory. These days, a lot of crystal and pearls embellished or the baroque style hairpins are famous amongst celebrities, stylists and even the general public.

4. Hair Clutches - These are claw-shaped and are the best to hold any buns or half hairdo styles in place. For women with long and heavy hair, different sizes of hair clutcher are one of the best picks to go for. There are very tiny ones as well as elongated, big ones too available for different needs of the women.

5. Banana Clutch - Banana clutches are amazing hair accessory as these can give a lift to the ponytail style of hair that usually keeps lowering down. The banana clips add height on any woman who wears it.

Other than these, sweatbands, which are mainly worn during any physical exercise or workout, are rocked by many these days. Elastic ties and rubber scrunchies are also very popular amongst women. Ribbons and hair extensions also fall under the category of hair accessories as may Bollywood actresses, divas, models and brides wear the hair switches whether open or of bun style on different occasions. This hair accessory, the tiara or the crown, is also a very popular pick amongst young girls and also the royal families.