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All About Aesthetically Pleasing Sandstone Jewellery!

Our ancestors probably befriended this unique gift from nature and used it in crafting tools and accessories that would ultimately become the essentials of everyday life. This gift is none other than the humble, Sandstone! This reddish-brownish (the most common colour) marvel was extensively used since the age of the Mauryas to create figurines, sculptures, buildings, etc. The Dilwara temple in Rajasthan's Mt. Abu is one such example of the wonders Sandstone has helped mankind in creating. Our forefathers have been a fan of Sandstone Jewellery making since the beginning and over all these years, it has evolved in a positive and successful way to the point of becoming fashionable and acutely popular. Sandstone Jewellery is for all days, every day because it's simple, fuss-free yet outstanding.

Creation & Benefits-

The first process involved is of turning sandstone into quartzite. Following this process is that of creating beads jewellery pieces to be put together to make them readily wearable. Sandstone beaded jewellery is quite a rage in the market and can be easily seen being sold by almost every second jewellery shop. As per astrology, wearing Sandstone Jewellery can deliver various benefits which include deriving focus, particularly during meditation sessions, build improved relationships and a positive workflow. It is even believed to help relieve mood swings and make bones stronger, keep the body well-hydrated and contributes to better vision. It is for these therapeutic reasons that Sandstone Jewellery is very popular among the spiritual cult and committees. This stone of creativity blends all the important elements of water, air, earth, fire, and wind and Feng Shui is one of the preachers of informing people about endorsing Sandstone Jewellery.

Evolution & Innovations-

Handicrafts of all sorts are very popular in India, which are exported to the international markets as well. From creating many tools for utility purposes to making beautiful sandstone boxes are an absolute favourite of many creators. The reason behind it is because such boxes are strong and air & water-resistant. The skills and processes of creating Sandstone Jewellery are very different than creating any other tools from sandstone, as mentioned above. Nonetheless, Sandstone can be creatively metamorphosed into beautiful artwork. The various other names synonym with Sandstone are Goldstone, Wonderstone, Band stone, Desert stone, Old stone, and Sandy stone. On the world map, the main locations where Sandstone is easily found are in India, Brazil, Australia, United States, England, South America, Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Japan, and China.


Sandstone Jewellery is for anyone who wants to come across as a trendsetter, for the simplest reason, that this kind of jewellery can be paired with ethnic and Western wear with quite an ease. Whether you're in the mood of wearing a shiny neckpiece or a bracelet or even earrings, these and much more are available in the world of fashion jewellery. Pretty unique Sandstone pendants can also be found and customised to one's liking. Other than the natural rusty-coloured sandstone, Blue Sandstone Jewellery is creating quite a buzz amongst the buyers. This beautiful and shiny ore is transformed into some of the most breathtaking designs by many designers and jewellers to bring innovation in the sector of jewellery designing. 


Once you've enjoyed the various compliments upon wearing your favourite Sandstone Jewellery, it is highly essential that you carefully store them in your jewellery treasure. Sandstone Jewellery can be cleaned with a mild foam or detergent that will be gentle on the stone's composition. After cleansing, rinse the beads thoroughly and use a very soft cloth to dry it. No harsh chemical agents must be sprayed on any Sandstone Jewellery.