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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Choker Necklace

Everyone loves jewellery and when it comes to the most fashionable ones, there are some evergreen trends that always stay in fashion. Very 90's style, Choker Necklace have a charm of their own. Chokers are one of the most interesting and stunning pieces of jewellery, which is capable of turning a boring and plain look into a luxurious one. If you are a big jewellery enthusiast, then you must know everything about this pretty bauble as described in detail below.

What's a Choker Necklace?

A close-fitting ornament, which is worn around the neck is what a Choker Necklace is. Choker Necklaces are available in a variety of styles that are made with different materials, such as, gold, silver, other metals, leather, latex, and many more.


Around 2500 BC, Sumerian artisans introduced golden choker necklaces to the world's earliest civilization in Egypt, and the trends have been existing ever since. In those ages, the choker necklaces were mainly made of gold & lapis and were thought to possess special protective powers. Over a period, as the time began to pass, in the year 1798 during the French Revolution, women started wearing red ribbons around their necks while paying homage to those who died at the guillotine. After this in the 19th century, Ballerinas and upper-class society started wearing choker-like ornaments. The trend reached its peak around the 1900s when Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom would wear broad chokers mainly to hide her small scar on the neck. The Victorian era was full of individuals rocking chokers as can be seen in their portraits.

A more modern take on the Choker trend-

The famous TV shows of the 90s embraced Chokers openly and that ignited the trend of wearing choker necklaces all the more amongst women and men alike. Many award-winning movies and the cults were inspired by this beautiful ornament and used them across the entire movie in different scenes as worn by the leading actresses and artists. Even supermodels displayed their love for chokers by wearing them at fashion events and occasions, thus, it became certain that the fashion of choker necklaces was here to stay!

Different styles of Choker Necklaces-

The Ribbon is a classic choker style of a necklace that originated and was worn widely by many across the globe. Cotton, satin, velvet, and lace ribbon chokers were quite the rage at that time.

Layered chokers are usually paired with other necklaces and these look completely fashionable and rebellious. This style is definitely for those non-conformists.

Chain chokers were especially liked and worn by rock and heavy metal bands. A lot of musicians found chain choker necklaces to be blending wonderfully with their art of music.

Leather choker necklaces were more of a fetish for the Americans initially as the trend spread across different countries. These chokers would come with pretty pendants that would have a meaningful design with some kind of emotional importance.

Diamond necklaces are the bespoke version of the rugged choker style. Also available in gold, platinum, and other metals, these chokers look really rich and classy. These are also adorned with diverse precious stones and usually are worn by the who's who of the society.

These are just a few examples of the evolutionary changes that have come about in the Choker Necklace fashion. And it is meant for all because there's a sense of beauty one feels upon wearing their favorite choker necklace.  This versatile ornament enhances the looks of both, ethnic and Western outfits. Not to forget the mention of a saree with which choker necklaces look the best.