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handmade jewellery

An Artist's Love - Know All About Handmade Jewellery

Each one is unique and filled with the love of an artist! We are talking about handmade jewellery that is nothing less than a masterpiece created by an artisan. It is essential to understand the value of handmade jewellery because it is a laborious task for a human to create such jewels and are much more valuable than those pieces of jewellery mass-created by machines. Despite handmade jewellery being so exotic than any machine-made jewellery, it is available at a much affordable price and people are really enjoying themselves some amazing jewellery pieces that are created by artists from within India and around the world.

Terracotta jewellery, thread jewellery, beaded jewellery, the ones created with lace, crochet style, metalwork, and similar other kinds fall under the category of handmade jewellery. All these handmade jewels are one-of-a-kind which is why no one needs to worry about mixing such jewellery with any other. The longevity of handmade jewellery items is much longer and better than any other jewellery produced in a factory.

One of the best things about handmade jewellery is that each piece can be customised to one's liking. This rusticness of handmade jewellery makes it more romantic and a great option for nature lovers or environmentalists however is not limited to just them!

Pros of buying Handmade Jewellery

1. Supporting Real People & Talent - When one buys any handmade jewellery, it is the art created by a real human and not a robot. So there are emotions and hard work behind creating that piece. One basically supports a cause of helping some of these artists who are usually not a part of a very big and commercial organisation involved in only the machine-production processes of jewellery making.

2. Value of Time - As mentioned before, handmade jewellery isn't produced in a huge quantity, which means every time an artist creates a piece of jewellery, it consumes a lot of their time and efforts, which is worth every penny you spend on such an art item. There's no surprise that some of these jewel pieces could take more than several weeks!

3. Organic Material - Most of the times, handmade jewellery is extremely exquisite which does involve the materials that are used to create them. Some of the popular organic materials used for such pieces are shells, pearls, stones, cane, corals, wood, etc.

4. Sustainability - Ethically sourced materials are often used by handmade jewellery makers as they try to maintain their authenticity and ethical practices as well a social responsibility towards sustainability.

5. Better Quality - The quality of handmade jewellery is far better than the machine-made ones as the production scale is small and slow. Extra care is taken to make each piece because as always, an artist puts in his/her heart in creating all the jewels.

The evolution of jewellery and the trends changing from traditional to modern has been seen, yet, the demand for handmade jewellery stays higher than expected from all types of people with different tastes in jewellery. Since there's this timeless factor involved with each handmade jewellery, more and more modern fashion jewellery designers feel the need to revive or retain fading traditional ways and styles of making handmade jewellery. Thread jewellery is quite popular amongst women in these times as there are many pre-wedding events in which women like wearing thread jewellery. The handmade colorful thread bangles, anklets, necklaces lend a very Indian and ethnic touch to every look any would-be bride is wanting to achieve during her important days of life. We hope that you enjoy collecting the most wonderful handmade jewellery for yourself!