5 trendiest pieces of jewellery based on Hindu Gods

Jewellery is something we wear to make a statement, draw attention to certain features or adorn ourselves for a special occasion. But sometimes we want our jewellery to be a reflection of ourselves, our beliefs and our culture. Whether as a gift for a loved one or to yourself, here are five of the latest fashion trends in jewellery that not only look great but also celebrate one of the things you hold most dear: your religion.

The Aum Pendant

This symbol, representing the sacred sound from which all creation came into existence, is beautiful in its simplicity and at the same time, is incredibly complex in both design and meaning. As life becomes increasingly hectic and stressful, this beautiful pendant serves as a reminder of the inner peace we should all seek.

The Divine Ek Onkar

As with the Aum symbol, the Divine Ek Onkar is worn primarily on a pendant, usually surrounded by either a plain circle or a pattern of lotus leaves. This symbolic representation of the Divine name of God not only is beautiful to look at, but has a beautiful meaning that you will remember every time you look at it.

The Root Chakra

Worn as a pendant, as earring or in rings, this symbol represents the first of the chakras, and will give you a sense of safety and well-being as you move through the world. It’s simple design can be embellished with red garnet gemstones, to represent the vitality, strength and life that is associated with this chakra. It is a wonderful choice when choosing vibrantly coloured jewellery.

The Padmalakshmi

This beautiful symbol can be worn as a pendant, as a set of earrings or set onto a ring. It is the very essence of simplicity itself, a lotus flower opening its petals to represent both spiritual and physical wealth. Either made of simple gold, or embellished with rubies or other red precious or semi-precious stones, this symbol of beauty will truly make you feel beautiful.


Symbols inspired by the god Ganesh can be a beautiful reminder of all the traits this deity represents: intellect and wisdom. The versatility of these symbols is astounding, as they can be both simple or incredibly elaborate, they can be worn as pendants or earrings and can be made from a single precious metal, or several fused together. The long sweeping trunk of Ganesha makes for an elegant, classic design that is compatible with any occasion.

These beautiful pieces will serve not only as a reminder of our spiritual nature, and help keep us centered and focus in our day-to-day lives, but also are timeless, elegant jewellery that can be passed down from generation to generation. They make wonderful gifts, not only for other but as a treat to yourself as well, because they are not only precious, eye-catching adornments, but also have a deeper, more intricate meaning behind them that enhances their beauty and makes them all the more special.

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