Best Tips to Choose the Earrings

The choice of the most appropriate women earrings can be difficult at times. You might be totally confused as to which pair of earrings would be the best match for you. At the time of going to the party or any other occasion, you might have given around ten pairs of earrings a try but still not able to decide which pair to go for. In this situation, it would be a very good idea to follow a few of the most important tips for the purpose of choosing the best pair of earrings. The tips are as discussed below.

The Earrings Should be Chosen as Per the Shape of the Face

The shape of your face should necessarily help you in dictating how much your earrings would flatter. Here you should be choosing the pair of earrings that flatters your face perfectly and thereby helping to draw the right kind of attention that you are looking for. The right pair of earrings would make a huge difference in your overall appearance. Here are a few suggestions for choosing the right pair of earrings as per the shape of your face.

  • If you have a wide forehead and tapered chin which is referred to as the inverted triangle shape, then choose earrings of the chandelier or the teardrop styles.
  • The individuals with oval faces can wear almost all styles. But a simple stud or a triangular style would flatter the face best.
  • Those who have heart shaped face which is quite similar to the inverted triangle shape may try the chandelier or the tear drop styles which necessarily adds balance to the lower portion of the face.
  • The ones with square faces which is characterised by a wide chin should try to soften the angles of their face by wearing long oval drop styles of earrings or earrings with round hoops. They should stay away from rectangular or square earrings.
  • If you have long and narrow face shape, then the cluster studs or the round drops earrings would be the most appropriate choice which will add fullness to your face and provide you with a lifted appearance.

The Earrings Should Match the Overall Bone Structure

 The pair of women earrings should be so chosen that it should be a perfect match to the overall structure of the bone. Those who have small and fine bone structure should select the delicate types of Swarovski crystal which perfectly complements their beauty. Ones with large bone structure should select the bigger and more opulent of the Swarovski crystal types of earrings. The individuals with medium bone structure should go for the medium length drop style earrings or the mid-sized studs.

Venue is a Matter of Importance

At the time of selection of the pair of earrings, you should necessarily give a lot of importance to the venue. If you are going to an office or a place that requires something conservative, a slight drop style or a classic stud would be appropriate. Now, if you are heading towards a wedding or a party-heavy hoop, dangling chandelier women earrings and drop cluster earrings would certainly be the best choice in this regard.

Match the Earrings with Your Personal Style

should be so chosen that they should be a perfect match to their own personal style. Straying too far from your personal style would not only be uncomfortable to carry but also would not be appropriately complementing your overall look. Here you would necessarily be finding a lot of options to go for and select something that is suitable and matches with your personal style.

The Clothes You are Wearing Should be Considered

Another of the important tips to select the best women earrings is to consider the clothes that you are wearing. Now, if you are wearing a, the choice of earrings should be different in a case where you are wearing jeans and tops. Thus, it is a matter of immense importance to take into consideration of the dress that you are wearing and select the earrings that best goes with your dress. A proper match of the earrings with the dress would enhance your look to a great extent.

Necessarily Complement Your Skin Colour

Last but not least, you need to select the earrings that best complements with the tone, colour and complexion of your skin for the creation of the best possible effect. You can simply categorise your colouring as warn, cool or neutral by tones that are found in your complexion. Thus, a good amount of care needs to be taken so that you are able to select the best match for you at the time of selecting the women earrings.

So, following the tips mentioned above would certainly be of great help for you in choosing the best pair of earrings.