Boho Oxidised Jewellery Vibe From Your Tribe At Anuradha Art Jewellery

Get your hands on designer Oxidised Jewellery with complete boho vibes. These are beautiful, impeccable and sultry in every way. Oxidised jewellery is intricately designed and manufactured at Anuradha Art Jewellery to fulfil every heart’s wish for such incredible jewellery. Two metals are infused to make alloy which is used to create Oxidised Jewellery.
German Silver Jewellery or Tribal jewellery are other references used for Oxidised Jewellery. It is very popular in the fashion industry, in the movies, on TV, amongst divas, and during events. Oxidised jewellery is heavily promoted by many actresses in Bollywood who are often seen pairing this kind of designer oxidised jewellery with their designer clothes. Even festival like Navratri is a very popular occasion when women like to deck themselves up with their special treasures of oxidised jewellery

At Anuradha Art Jewellery, the range of Boho Oxidised Jewellery is special and very unique because it is designed by in-house experts and the quality is also high to give the sheen look on the jewellery. Here’s what you can buy in this exotic section of Oxidised Jewellery.

1. Necklaces – From fancy to bohemian, the range of Oxidised necklaces and necklace sets is mind-blowing. They are crafted with a lot of care and details. Some have all-metal while some have threads added with coloured beads and pearls too. Some of the oxidised necklaces have chunky pendants that look uber-chic upon wearing.

Oxidised Choker Necklace Set

2. Bracelets & Bangles – No one can just wear a necklace and not wear something on their wrists. Oxidised bangles and bracelets range at Anuradha Art Jewellery is the one to die for!

Oxidised Bangles & Bracelet

3. Oxidised Earrings – Those stunning Jhumkas, the Chandbalis, the chandelier earrings, the studs, the drop earring, and much more are available in Oxidised earrings section. Each one is charming and alluring. Some have enamelling layer while some are encrusted with interesting colours over them. The pretty motifs of birds, flowers, symbols in these are must-haves.

Oxidised Jhumka Earrings

4. Oxidised Nose Pins & Toe Rings – Both the jewellery items are essentials. Oxidised nath and toe rings at Anuradha Art Jewellery are very different in style and make, which is why they are unique and special.

Oxidised Nath & Toe Rings

5. Oxidised Mangalsutra – A range so unique, Oxidised Mangalsutras at Anuradha Art Jewellery give the freedom to women to experiment with their looks while wearing other ornaments after marriage. Colours and designs over the Mangalsutras turn them into exclusive art pieces.

Oxidised Mangalsutra Designs

The gala bandh necklace, a type of choker, ghungroo style earrings, statement rings for the finger, nose rings and coloured anklets are some of the most popular Oxidised jewellery items frequently bought from Anuradha Art Jewellery. All the pieces look breathtaking when paired with western or ethnic outfits. The fits, designs and placements on these baubles are close to perfection. Whether wear a saree and a choker necklace or a flowy dress and a stunning pair of oxidised earrings, you’ll end up looking like a glam siren.