Bridal Punjabi Chooda – Must For Brides

Chooda or chuda are the blend of ivory and red bangles that Punjabi brides wear during their weddings. The ritual is the bride’s maternal uncle will bring them to wear till one and half months. This ritual is mandatory among Punjabis as they feel it brings good luck in the life of newlywed and her family.

The chooda ceremony is done on a grand note by the community. They commemorate the function keeping a Puja or Havan with the mantras recited by a priest who fastens the bride’s wrist with a thread.

There is too a tradition among Punjabis not to let the bride see the chooda while wearing. A bride is therefore asked to see somewhere else while maternal uncle, aunty or grandmother will wear the beautiful bangles on her hand. Afterwards the bangles are turned around as well as touched by those who are present by ways of blessing the bride for her upcoming future.

Chooda is beautiful jewellery adding to the “Solah Singar” of a bride making her look more gorgeous. The combo o ivory and red colours makes a bride feel more dignified. In a nutshell, it helps to increase the bond and trust between two souls.

Talking about the red colour specifically, it dominates the Indian weddings. The red colour in chooda basically adds grace in the life of a married lady. Red is considered to be the symbol of love which lasts the relationship longer. In Hindu mythology further, red indicates protection as well as strength.

Married ladies however cannot open the chooda before 40 days. And if they are not opening within the time specified then they had to keep them for 1 and half years. This is followed by a huge tradition as well and the bride’s married or unmarried sister-in-law (if not married) should do the job as per the ritual.

Bridal Punjabi chooda or chuda is the hottest trend nowadays. Bengali, Bihari, Marwari ladies etc are now seen wearing choodas after their marriage for show and style. Even you will find many ladies wearing these beautiful bangles with modern outfit such as jeans and top.

With the passage of modernization and time, the age-old traditional chooda has undergone a lot of transformation. Choodas are now made up of plastic materials which make them more long-lasting. They are now available in different designs, decorations and colours.

However, the thing that never changed is it’s wearing style and importance making it a significant part in the celebration of Punjabi wedding. Wearing chooda makes a bride look stunning and adds a special touch to her personality.

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