Mother’s Day is a special occasion for everybody as it celebrates the existence of the most important person for us, in this whole wide world! Buying a Mother’s Day gift for mom has never been easier as here we present to you our top 7 Mother’s Day gift ideas:

Here are our top 7 Mother’s Day jewellery designs and gift ideas to add up to your Mother’s simplicity, beauty and elegance

1.Saree Pin

Mothers are big fans of Saree Pins and there wouldn’t be a better gift for your mom, than a matching Saree Pin to her favourite Saree. Available in many designs, colours and materials, the Kundan saree pins in pastel colours and matte finish are quite trendy right now!

Saree Pin
Designer Saree Pin By Anuradha Art Jewellery

2. American Diamond Finger Ring:

If your mom is a fan of classic and elegant Diamond Jewellery, and likes wearing statement jewellery, an American Diamond Finger ring for Party and functions, would be the ideal gift idea for mom. Go for the circular, contrasting stone studded diamond rings which would balance her Party outfit completely.

Diamond Finger Ring
Dazzling Finger ring by Anuradha Art Jewellery

3. Designer American Diamond Pendant Set

Gifting your mother an American Diamond Pendant set is a very good Mother’s Day gift idea as she would be able to flaunt it on many occasions- be it an office party, family function, or a wedding! Pendant sets for mom and necklace sets are very versatile and can be adorned on all kinds of outfits, giving a poised look to your mother on Mother’s Day.

Diamond Pendant Set
Stunning Pendant Set by Anuradha Art Jewellery

4. Party Bracelet

Pick a fancy Korean Bracelet for your mom, and make her temporarily get rid of her traditional gold bangles! You can go for a Pearl bracelet, silver bracelet studded with diamonds, or the very trending rose gold bracelets. Pick out neutral stone colours so that your multitasking Mother can pair it with whichever pendant set or outfit that she wants!

Pearl Bracelet
Beautiful Pearl Bracelet by Anuradha Art Jewellery

5. Chandelier Earrings

Impress your mother this Mother’s Day by gifting a beautiful pair of chandelier diamond earrings. They come in various designs and colours. If your mom loves minimalistic jewellery, go for the Long, royal American diamond chandelier earrings in rose gold or silver! Again, she could wear these earrings on multiple occasions.

Diamond Earrings
Stylish Diamond Earrings by Anuradha Art Jewellery

6. Unique Purse Mirror

A fancy purse mirror is a very useful Mother’s Day gift idea, especially if your mom travels a lot due to work. Choose one from our awesome collection of makeup mirrors for women, and show her that you like taking care of every small thing when it comes to her!

Buy Makeup Mirror Online
Makeup Mirror By Anuradha Art Jewellery

7. Jewellery Box

Once you are done selecting your Mother’s Day jewellery online, select a jewellery box from our amazing multi-purpose Korean jewellery box for mom, to present it lovingly to your mom instead of simply gift wrapping it. This will make your mom feel special because of your thoughtfulness, as she can safely carry her jewellery wherever she wants or even set it on her dressing table.

Jewellery box
Adorable Jewellery Box by Anuradha Art Jewellery

One day is surely not enough to celebrate the existence of a Mother, but a thoughtful Mother’s day gift for your mom, to tell her how much you love her, will always stay with her, in her memories- as that is how Mothers are, they get satisfied in very little, but want us to have the entire world!

Shower all your love on your mother, this Mother’s Day without worrying about your pockets! Here is our entire Mother’s Day special collection with special offers, for all the lovely Mothers out there!

Happy Mother’s Day!