Chhapaak, An Inspirational Movie For Jewellery & Fashion Too!

One of the sensitive topics picked up in the movie is of acid attack. The movie is based on an inspirational person who is a survivor of this horrid event and her journey of challenges. But in the midst of so many difficulties, Deepika Padukone’s ability to do justice to the character, acting-wise as well as in style, can be clearly seen through the blasting promos being shown everywhere. There’s definitely a lot that this movie has to offer. An everyday kind of, a girl next door image of the protagonist, Deepika, what can you expect from the style of a girl like this one? It has to be subtle, subdued yet very girly and peppy. Where on one hand Deepika has donned a regular kind of look throughout the movie shoot, her approach to promoting her movie when it comes to styling has been a lot opposite. She has shown a mix of basic to glam all with her movie and during her promotional activities.

The most starking combination of fashion & jewellery which has been made a part of the lead character is of comfortable cotton suits and Kurti and salwar styles. In fashion jewellery, based on the promos, one can see a very minimalistic approach has been taken in regards to it. A lot of pale shades and colours have been used in the outfits but keeping basic bangles and earrings to go with them.

Here are some visible choices made for jewellery and fashion for the character of Laxmi Agarwal:

1. The Blues, Yellows, Purples & Pinks – Out of all the colours, Deepika’s character will be seen a lot in is the blue shade, the yellow colour matched with pinks or purples and oranges, and so on. Cotton salwar suit and basic ear tops have been paired in these kinds of patterns.

Source: Instagram

2. Dupatta – Also can be called as a stole, Deepika’s character is shown carrying cotton, flowy dupattas in all sorts of shades. From whites to off whites, to pinks, to bandhani pattern dupattas, with silver drop earrings, have been worn by the actress, which make her look every bit the person who is the reason behind this movie.

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3. Matching earrings – Two most important features about the jewellery look of the character in Chhapaak are that Deepika will be seen wearing small earrings that are matched with the colour of her clothes. This means the size and style of the jewellery are kept absolutely basic.

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4. Floral earrings – One cannot overlook the fact that metal floral jewellery or flowers shaped earrings have been used throughout the movie for Deepika’s character. Filigree makes and the ones with coloured stones are the styles used a lot in this movie.

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5. Hand accessory – In Chhapaak, the two main accessories for the wrists or the hands shown are a watch and bangles. Again, to match the tone of the movie’s theme, very clean and simple watches with straps as well as glass bangles have been made the actress to wear in the movie.  

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There’s no doubt that there’s a lot of class and elegance in Deepika’s look for the movie and it is in one way or the other going to be a great inspiration for everyone to try their simple side of jewellery and fashion style in their real life.