#ChooseYourLook: Upgrade Your Jewellery game, with these New Year’s Party Jewellery Trends!

Your New Year’s Party is around the corner and you’re all set to bid 2018 goodbye, but in the most fashionable way possible! So, what are you going to do? Hunt for jewelry online? Ransack every design to see what is going to suit that New Year’s Eve Party dress you’ve selected? Nope. It’s time to let us be your stylists!

Here are the top 5 jewelry designs from our Special New Year Jewelry collection, and all you have to do is

#ChooseYourLook: Long American diamond earrings or Korean Statement Hoop earrings

If your outfit design is clear in your head, or you already have it ready with you, it is going to be easy for you to choose your new year jewelry.

Look 1: If you plan to wear a dress which has a high neckline, stone studded neckline, or a distinct design, you can choose to wear only long American diamond earrings and nothing else. It will make your neck look slender and will share equal amount of attention with the dress you’re wearing.

Long American Diamond Earrings NYE Special

Dangling American Diamond Earrings from Anuradha Art Jewellery


Look 2: If you team your skinny jeans with a fancy blouse, or a shimmery top, and boots, you can adorn fancy hoops in geometrical designs. Our Korean Statement hoops in geometric and abstract designs are the best options to choose from! You can also pair these with matching chain pendants.

Korean Hoop Earrings for NYE

Beautiful Korean Hoop Earrings for New Year Party by Anuradha Art Jewellery

#ChooseYourLook: Statement American Diamond Necklace set or Small and Fancy Korean Pendant Sets

Look 1: If your dress has a deep, plunging neckline, a sweetheart neckline, or simply a low neckline, you can go bold and adorn an ethereal Statement American Diamond Necklace set. These American diamond necklace sets have royal designs and are studded with both colored and white American diamonds in silver polish or even rose gold polish nowadays. They will look amazing on dresses in deep, solid colors, made of velvet or silk.

American Diamond Necklace Set

Royal American Diamond Necklace set by Anuradha Art Jewellery


Look 2: If your outfit is semi-formal, like a pencil skirt and V-neck blouse or you’re just going out for NYE dinner with friends and family, you can experiment with fancy Korean pendant sets which balance casual and formal equally. The pendant sets are elegant and have unique designs, making you stand out from other shiny stuff! They’re also inclusive of matching chains and earrings, so you don’t have to invest much time in buying thins separately.

Korean Pendant Set

Beautiful Korean Pendant Set by Anuradha Art 


#ChooseYourLook: 3. Big and Chunky American Diamond bangle bracelets or Delicate Chain Bracelets

Look 1: If you’re going to opt for a delicate American Diamond Necklace set, you can keep the same outfit and pair it with a big and chunky American Diamond Bangle to complete that look. You can also skip the necklace and only wear earrings with these big bracelets. They would look good with Floor-length cocktail dresses.

Pearl and Diamond Korean Bracelets

Statement Korean Bracelet by Anuradha Art Jewellery


Look 2: If your necklace is heavily stone studded, and your outfit has stone work or intricate patterns, teaming that statement necklace with a delicate stone-studded chain bracelet, would look perfect! This jewelry combination would look great on 3/4th length Lace Dresses, mini-skirts or midis.

American Diamond Chain Bracelet

Stylish Red stone studded American Diamond Chain Bracelet by Anuradha Art Jewellery

#ChooseYourLook: 4. Large Fancy Finger Rings Or Statement stone-studded Finger Rings

Look 1: Its New Year’s and finger rings are totally in demand! Its winter time, and if you are planning to wear a Full-sleeved dress or top, wearing bracelets wouldn’t be much fun! Instead, you can team your long American diamond earrings with large and fancy Finger Rings. They’re eye catching and would match with the earrings well.

Statement American Diamond Ring

Stunning American Diamond ring by Anuradha Art Jewellery


Look 2: If you’re teaming your Leather Jacket with a sequinned top and skinny jeans, and if you want to keep a very simple and modern look, you can adorn American Diamond studs with a Statement stone-studded Finger ring. You can match the colour of your top inside, with your stone colours on the finger ring.

Small  American Diamond Finger rings

Emerald colour stone studded American Diamond finger ring by Anuradha Art Jewellery

#ChooseYourLook: 5.  Stone Studded Brooches

For men who like experimenting with their NYE look, pinning stunning stone studded brooch to the jacket, will add a zing to the otherwise plain outfit. Even women who are going to wear jackets or plain dresses, can pin beautiful multi-colored stone studded brooches in floral and abstract designs on them.

Stone Studded Brooch for Men

Stone Studded, Star shaped Brooch for Men by Anuradha Art Jewellery

So #ChooseYourLook from these trendy New Year jewellery designs and let us be your personal Stylist! Rock that new year look in style!

Happy Shopping!