Different Types Of Earrings To Know About

It is one of the longest known and worn types of jewellery amongst humankind. Different civilizations have had the art of making and wearing earrings so surreal that some of the artefacts are treasured in many museums across the globe. Here’s a list of some of the common and popular types of earrings you must know about if you call yourself a true jewellery lover.

Studs – This is a classic style of earrings that comes in many shapes and sizes. These typically hug the ear and are place right onto the ear lobe. Since the connection or the stick piercing through isn’t visible, it often seems the ear studs are floating over the lobe.

Hoops – Mostly circular in shape although not limited to it, the ear hoops are one of the famous funky styles of earrings women have worn across different continents. A wire or a metal piece pierces through the lobe and finishes through the other end. This could be available in irregular and asymmetrical shapes as well.

Drops – As the name suggests, drop earrings mean a drop-shaped design is attached to the stud and it hangs at the bottom. Some very interesting styles in these are such as in diamonds, stones, shapes, characters, etc. which can be used as the design of the drop in this kind of earrings.

Chandeliers – Elegant like the real chandeliers that are placed over the head, these earrings are also equally elegant and drop at the bottom of a pin or a stud design. Fancy crystal chandelier earrings are the most liked by all.

Hug Hoops – Pretty much like the bigger hoop earrings, these hug the ears close enough.

Tear Drop – An extended version of the drop earrings, these are shaped like tears and look stunning especially in the diamonds and emeralds combination.

Ear Cuffs – These types of earrings are meant to cover a larger portion of the ears. These travel from the top, covering the entire curve of the ear till the bottom.

Threaders – These earrings are a simple design of thread-like earrings as if with a pointy needle on one end that pierces through the lobe. Many dainty earrings like these are popularly worn by young girls.

Cluster – There are clusters of diamonds, pearls, beads or anything together with which such earrings are created. These may be placed like studs or even have a dangling design.

Barbells – These are typically shaped like workout barbells with a stud or crystal or gemstone for the front and a clutch or a stopper for the back to hold the earrings in place.

Fish Hook – Mostly light weighing earrings have a fish hook style of a pin which goes through the ear lobe piercing and has stretched end to keep the earring in its place.

Bajoran – An interesting style of earrings is the Bajoran which has two connections, one worn over the ear lobe and the other one over the middle of the upper part of the ears.