Different Types Of Nose Rings To Enhance Beauty

Nose piercings are fashionable and have various traditional values. On a broader term, nose piercing can be on one or both sides of the nose and even on the inner curve of the nostril, which is known as a Septum piercing. Some of the common nose jewellery women like to wear are diamond nose studs, silver or gold nose rings, oxidised nose pins, and it is also an essential part of bridal jewellery. Bridal nose rings look breathtaking and add a stunning cultural touch to a bride’s overall beautiful look. If you are someone who is contemplating getting your nose pierced but in doubt regarding what kind of nose jewellery you should be trying, then keep reading to clear your doubts.

The 5 most common and pretty nose jewellery styles you can wear to add to your beauty are:

1. Fishtail Nose Pin

These are straight in shape with an added length. These are easily customizable from the jewellers. There is no ball or screw at the end of a fishtail nose rings to hold it in place, rather an L-shaped end can be created to keep the nose jewellery steady in its place after wearing.

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2. Nose Stud

This one is also known as a Nose Srcrew, Nose Twister and even as a Nose Hook. This has a curved hook design and is perfect for those who have problems in keeping the piercing in place. The curve at the end can be in the right or left direction, which doesn’t affect much in the way it looks upon wearing. Some of these have screws also to keep the stud intact. A Nose Stud may or may not have a gem on top. Even basic silver oxidised nose pin, gold or platinum designs are also quite popular amongst young women. It is a great option if you’ve recently pierced your nose.

3. Nose Ring

Nose Rings or Hoops are mostly available in surgical steel, titanium, silver, gold and platinum metals. Nose rings give the wearer a very strong look. Most of these hoops have an open ending or a tiny hook to lock the other end of the nose ring. This classic style of nose jewellery is available in various sizes and thickness, is comfortable for an individual and is a good option when you’re in the process of healing your piercing because there is minimal pressure due to the hoop design. In an Indian wedding, bridal nose ring is the centre of attraction.

4. Nose Bone

This one is meant for a completely healed piercing since there is a tiny bulbous ball-like design on the end of this nose pin that is meant to keep the jewellery in its place after wearing.  Popping in and out of this nose bone can be a bit tricky because of the ball tip however the pin is completely straight in design. The nose bone style is good if you want the least amount of material accumulation on the inside part of your nostril.

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5. Imitation Nose Hoop

Big bridal nose rings and smaller ones for everyday wear are mostly imitation ones and very seldom are real gold or any other precious metal with which these are made. Imitation nose rings, diamond nose studs or even pin styles are for press-wearing purposes and usually available in different varieties, sizes and colours.