Everything About Different Kinds Of Kanchains

Who is the bestie of your earrings? It is Kanchain! One of the most alluring accessories to add on and enhance the charms of your beloved earrings is a pair of Kanchain. The lovely strings of this ear ornament act as an enhancing element and is definitely a part of many cultural looks worn by brides or even married women. Unmarried women also don Kanchains with their ethnic outfits because such is the enigma of the beautiful Kanchains.

Not only do these look good but also are beneficial to support heavy earrings that may create a cut in the earlobe if worn for a prolonged time without any support. Initially, Kanchains were thought to be for elderly women mostly but more young women are also loving wearing their Kanchain with earrings. Kanchains have a hole on one end through which the earring is hung and on the other end is a hook that can be fixed into the hair by itself or with a hairpin. The range of different kinds of Kanchains is also impressive which means there’s a style for every kind of taste and preference. Here are some of the types of Kanchains to know about.

1. Classic Gold Kanchains – The good old is gold Kanchains are very popular especially in Maharashtra and South of India amongst the brides. This type of Kanchain has beautiful imprints and designs over the chain with interesting motifs. This may or may not be embellished with stones or diamonds as that is an option for anyone.

2. Pearls Embellished Kanchain – Who doesn’t love pearls? This type of Kanchain looks amazing with any colour and style of dress. Pearls are added on the chain to give a very vibrant and glowy look. This type of Kanchain looks best when the earring is also decorated with pearls and other stones. These could also be called as Kan Vel.

Beautiful Earchain for Women

3. Layered Kanchain – In this type of Kanchain, multiple layers or strings are added to the design which creates a stunning fall over the ear extended to the hair. This may have two or three layers or even more in some cases. Motifs of flowers, leaves, mangoes are very popular in this type of Kanchain.


4. Bahubali Kanchain – Very grand in its look and appeal, this kind of Kanchain has visible Jhumkis all over the strings to add an extra royal feel to the Kanchain. Pearls and other coloured gemstones may also be added in the design.

5. Silver Kanchain with Polki Stones – This type of combination between the cool tone of silver and transparent Polki stones looks absolutely glamorous and ethnic.

6. Earcuff Kanchain – One of the heaviest looks which can be created is with this type of Kanchain which comes attached to the ear cuffs. These are very historical in style and looks best with the traditional outfits of the regions. Temple Jewellery is one of the popular examples of an Earcuff Kanchain style.