Ganpati Festival 2021- Statement Jewellery to Beautify your Elephant Lord

Maharashtra’s biggest Ganpati Festival 2019 is just around the corner and you might be looking out for Ganpati decorations ideas to welcome the beloved God Ganpati Bappa into your homes for luck and prosperity. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as Lord Ganesha’s birthday who is the eldest son of Shiva and Paravati. This festival is celebrated all across the country with immense joy and devotion.

ganpati festival 2019
Ganpati Jewellery Collection

The festival is celebrated for 10 days and the first day is celebrated by bringing an idol of Ganpati Bappa home and worshipping it. But during this auspicious festival that is full of multiple celebrations and rituals, it’s also important for your idol to look perfect too.  Every family celebrating this festival wants their Lord Ganesha idol to look beautiful and charming. Adorning your beloved elephant God with stunning Ganesha Jewellerypieces will enhance the look of your Ganpati and please every eye.

Here are some ideas to help you with your Ganpati decoration 2019

Ganpati BajubandhWhile there are no defined rules when it comes to decorations. You can choose whatever you find beautiful and eye-catchy. Styling your Ganpati with a beautiful Bajubandh will add divinity and purity to your Ganesha murti instantly. You can choose one in Gold adorned with pretty colourful stones or ones that flaunt a pretty modak design. There are many stunning options available for you.

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Ganpati Bajuband

Ganpati Modak Ganesh Chaturthi is never complete without Modaks. Modak is the favourite sweet of the elephant God originally made with Jaggery and coconut filled in wheat dumplings, a pretty Gold modak is a very popular choice when it comes to Ganpati jewellery. You can opt for a plain Gold modak or a multicolor one depending on your interest.

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Gold Plated Ganpati Modak

Ganpati NecklaceA Ganpati necklace will be the main highlight of your idol. It instantly elevates the beauty of your Lord Ganesha murti. There are many necklaces available in amazing designs and colours. A gold finished necklace works best for Gauri Ganpati Jewellery as it gives a more traditional and royal look.

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Ganpati Necklace

Ganpati Chatra Adding a Chatra to your Ganpati decoration will add a lot of grace. There are many chatras that feature lovely intricate designs and carvings. Ideally, there should be little bells hanging around the Chatra or umbrella. You can choose a chatra with pearl drops that look authentic and traditional.

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Gold Plated Ganpati Chatra

Lotus FlowerLord Ganesha always carries a flower with himself. While natural flowers tend to get dry, you can opt for a gold-plated flower. There are many options featuring colourful pink polish to make it look more authentic. Some also feature meena work on the surface. You can also find a lot of Bajubandhs that flaunt a lotus design.

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Ganpati Flower

So bring home jewellery for Ganpati to celebrate this Ganesh Chaturthi in a stylish yet traditional way. There are also a number of other jewellery pieces you can opt for like earrings, Mukut (crown), Matha patti etc.

Wishing you a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!