Get the trendiest Men’s Accessories and Jewellery from our Latest Men’s Accessories Collection!

Hence, we have recently launched our Men’s accessories and jewellery collection, for the quintessential modern man, who not only loves to stylize his look with modern accessories, but also loves to stick to his Indian roots.

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Men’s Chains

Not many people talk about Men’s accessories and jewellery designs. Whenever people discuss about jewellery, it’s always related to women. But we at Anuradha Art Jewellery believe- “Why should girls have all the fun?”

Men can now choose from a variety of stylish, gold finish chains for daily wear or occasions. Under this category, you will be able to find gold finish Rudraksha chains for daily wear, charming designer mens chain like Leaf designs and geometric designs which you can either wear at occasions or daily.

mens chain
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Men’s Brooch:

Brooches are the best men’s accessories as they jazz up the overall appearance, no matter what occasion! There are literally tonnes of brooch designs men can choose from- Floral Brooch, Stone-studded brooch, Abstract designer brooch, pearl studded brooch, round brooch, ribbon shaped brooch….and the list is endless! These brooches are available in gold finish, silver finish, rose gold finish and even matte gold finish. For men who have certain affinities and love modern styles, there are aeroplane design brooches, Musical instrument design brooches like Guitar brooch, or even birds and animal design brooches. Men can match the colour of their outfit with these brooches as they’re available in all colours and combinations. They can wear the brooch on their tie, blazers, turbans or sherwanis! Grooms can also match their brooch with their brides, just to give it a personalized touch!

brooch designs
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Kurta Button:

Kurta buttons are very handy and stylish. They give a rich and royal look to even the simplest of Kurtas! Men’s kurta buttons are very stylish and are available in gold finish, with single colour stone studded designs, or even multicolour stone studded designs. There are round kurta buttons, triangle kurta buttons or even floral kurta buttons, to select from!

Again, soon-to-be-wed Grooms can match the stone colour of their kurta button with their bride’s lehenga shade, to colour coordinate! They can even select a contrasting colour stone studded kurta button, to that of their bottoms.

kurta buttons
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Men’s Bracelet:

This one’s for men who like to carry a bracelet on their wrists- either daily or occasionally! Specially, a great range of these bracelets are made with gold finish metal and rudraksha beads. For those who don’t like to wear rudraksha chains every day, they can opt for a rudraksha bracelet as well, for convenience and style. Other types of men’s bracelets would include designs like beaded bracelets, braided bracelets, silver lucky bracelets, and a lot more.

mens bracelet
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Groom Necklace:

Who knew it is possible to have as many Men’s wedding necklace designs as for women? Did you ever think of it? Well, now you can! Men can pick their favorite style of Sherwani necklace from designs like Pearl and stone studded groom necklace, coloured pearls groom’s necklace, groom’s necklace with pendants- droplet shaped pendants, round shaped pendants, stone studded pendants, gold finish groom’s necklace, and it could go on and on. Men love accessorizing their Wedding sherwani to give it a Royal and ethereal look. Now, grooms can choose to wear matching or contrasting colour necklace with their brides and even match the shape of their pendants with their other halves. These necklaces for men are available in 2 strings, 3 strings, or even more than 4 strings, depending on the design and liking of the Groom.

Groom necklace
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Groom tikka:

Yes! Men have the option of choosing from a variety of groom tikkas. These tikkas are generally red/ maroon and can be customised. There are stone studded tikkas with initials of the groom’s name, or just with beautiful patterns as well.

groom tikka
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Men deserve to be spoilt as well and a lot of men love to accessorize and wear jewellery, contrary to popular beliefs. Women can also buy many of these men’s jewellery designs for the special men in their lives, as gifts of love! So no matter who you are- if you can’t wait to avail all these designs, go to to grab these fashionable men’s accessories and jewellery designs.

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