Here Are the Inspirational Dimensions of Jewellery from the Movie Street Dancer 3D

Accessorizing is a huge part and parcel of any preparation process for a movie. Certain styles of jewels are designed as per the requirement of a movie and its characters. Bollywood does it all the time. It is all about giving fashion and style goals to the world and there’s no denying that the latest flick Street Dancer 3D has done it as well. Where the movie is packed with a plethora of dance moves, storyline, characters, dialogues, and struggles, there’s also a host of inspiring baubles and styles which the leading ladies in the movie have donned. Shraddha Kapoor and Nora Fatehi, who are seen in the film playing integral roles have been given such characters to match the ideal looks of a street dancer. Here are some of the jewellery inspirations evidently seen across the entire movie.

1. ChokerChoker necklace have a very grungy and street vibe with a bohemian feel. The movie is all about dance and style related to the creativity of choreography which is why the girls are seen wearing chokers in many scenes of the movie.

Choker necklace

2. Nose Ring – Shraddha is shown to be wearing a nose rings in the movie which gives her character the edge of being extra stylish as a dancer. This dainty piece of jewellery looks amazing on her in the movie.

Nose Ring
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3. Hair Jewellery – The inspiration for jewellery doesn’t end at the regular pieces but as in the movie it is shown for Shraddha to be wearing hair jewellery as well during some dance performance sequences.

Hair Jewellery

4. Hoops – Hoops are one of the most popular types of earrings worn by the young women and also by females of other ages. Shraddha’s character being a young dancer is given a lot of big hoops as a part of the jewellery style in the movie. Shraddha is seen wearing many variations of hoop rings throughout the movie.

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5. Leather Jewellery – To go with the theme of the movie, a lot of leather jewellery has also been shown on the women playing their characters. Leather suffices the dancer’s looks which Shraddha and Nora needed in the movie. Leather bracelet, necklace, waistband, etc. have been shown in the film.

Leather Bracelet

6. Beaded Bracelets – Since the characters played by Shraddha and Nora are young as a dancer in the movie, just like any other youngster, they are given beaded bracelets to wear, especially Shraddha as she appears more onscreen throughout the film.

Beaded Bracelets
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7. Chain Pendant – The jewellery styles in the movie have been thought through well which is why the leading ladies have been given loads of jewels to pile on. Shraddha’s character wears a cute and dainty chain Pendant which looks absolutely remarkable on her.

Chain Pendant
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