Fashion & Jewellery Trend For Navratri 2019 !

Hey! Have you heard about the hottest Navratri jewellery trend of the year? Are you wondering why oxidised jewellery is so much in demand, but don’t know what to buy and what is the hype about? Well, here I am, to help you out!

Break up with Silver and Gold!

If you have a look at your collection of accessories and are wondering that all that you have is Gold and Silver jewellery, it is time for you to break up with them! Conventional gold and silver accessories work wonders in festivals and functions, but for your regular, moody days, you need something more experimental, right? Well, your classiest option is Oxidised jewellery!

Oxidised jewellery works as a substitute for Silver Jewellery. If you’re worrying about the quality and finesse of Oxidised jewellery sets, then let me tell you that the same kaarigars or workers, and the same machinery is used to make oxidised jewellery as silver jewellery!

Oxidized jewellery is spotted on large number in Garba dance during Navratri festival.  It is also known as Navratri jewellery or Gujarati Jewellery.

Is silver really “Oxidised” in Oxidised Jewellery?

The reason this type of jewellery is called as oxidised jewellery is because it is an industrial term. Jewellery made from Sterling silver was initially oxidised. But, did you know? Nowadays, in the entire process of making oxidised silver, no oxygen is involved! Instead, Silver is blackened using sulphur solutions to get the desired blackening. It is not a very long process and women can even get their own DIY oxidised jewellery by simply following a sulphur and silver metal procedure!

What is so significant about Oxidised Jewellery?

This jewellery trend dates back to the tribes of India and was initially considered as a part of Indian tribal and ethnic jewellery. The process of oxidisation of silver dates back to around 1100 AD, where silver was oxidised to get rid of impurities. Little did they know, that years later, it would be a hot fashion trend!

Talking about trends, oxidised jewellery has been trending among the tribes of India since their very existence. In olden days, women used to put black dots with kajal around their neck to highlight the area where they wore their Oxidised Jewellery. Isn’t that cool?

Your pockets will be Happy, so will be your Skin!

Oxidised jewellery is cheaper than silver jewellery and the designs are bolder, exquisite and experimental. The chunky oxidised jewellery pieces are woven into Black or colourful woollen threads, and the metal is friendly to your skin, as no nickel is involved.

Now that you are aware of what goes behind making Navratri Oxidised Jewellery, its time to look at some Latest Navratri  Jewellery designs

1. Oxidised Nose Pin

Oxidised Nose Pins are breaking the Fashion Industry. Every B-town actress is adapting to this trend, pairing their nose pins with various Indian/Western outfits, to give a rustic appeal to their appearance. Following this trend, are not only actresses and Indian women, but also Men! Have a look at Amir Khan’s new look for his upcoming movie- “Thugs of Hindustan” We can see him sporting a huge, chunky oxidised nose pin, along with an oxidised ear cuff and oxidised baalis, breaking all stereotypes!

Oxidized Nose Pins


2. Oxidised Earrings

Indian women have been fancying Oxidised earrings, both small and big, ever since the existence of accessories. These oxidised earrings are of various designs, lengths and sizes. The latest additions in the trend are Oxidised Chandbali earrings, Big oxidised jhumkas and Long oxidised earrings. Pair it with a plain saree, Kurta or even shirts!

Oxidized earrings, oxidized jhumka earrings


Vidya Balan sporting an earthy look with her oxidised earrings and nose pin.

The latest oxidised earrings also have colourful stones on it, making it more appealing and beautiful.

oxidized earrings

3. Oxidised Mangalsutra

Mangalsutras in gold and silver have been pretty common, but the latest trend is that of Oxidised Mangalsutras, for days on which you feel experimental and want to have a different look. Carved in various temple designs, and studded with colourful stones, these oxidised mangalsutras will give your look an ethnic appeal.

Oxidized Mangalsutra

Designer Oxidized Mangalsutra

 4. Oxidised Bangles

Oxidised bangles make your wrists look delicate and elegant. If you are a lover of Indo-western looks, you have to have these bangles in your collection. Oxidised bangles come in an array of designs, thickness and polish. If you are looking at wearing oxidised bangles with a saree, you can opt for the thinner bangles, and if you are wearing them with kurtis or shirts, you can go for the thicker, chunky ones.

Oxidized Bangles


5. Oxidised Necklace Set

Oxidised necklace sets are so appealing, that you wouldn’t want to wear any other accessories ever! Wear an oxidised necklace set with a bandhgala kurti, or a simple blouse, and see how it changes your look, making you look sultry and elegant! Oxidised necklace sets are usually inspired by temple and tribal designs and can be considered as chunky jewellery.

oxidized necklace jewellery 6. Oxidised Toe Rings

Oxidised toe rings are a combination of delicate and bold. They again, come in tonnes of designs and can be worneveryday as they would suit any look that you carry.

oxidized toe rings


7. Oxidised Payals

These jewellery pieces are my personal favourite as they make your legs look beautiful and give a very different appeal to your appearance. Wear the huge, chunky payals with long, plain skirts, and lehengas, or the delicate ones, with kurtis and dresses. Anyway, they will be your personal favourites too!

 8. Oxidised Chokers

Newest additionin the oxidised jewellery trend is Oxidised Chokers. These designs are inspired by the west, yet the roots are kept Indian. It is a combination of western and Indian designs, which works wonders for young and modern Indian girls and women. These oxidised chokers adorn your neck beautifully and can be worn with medium necklines and shirts.

oxidized choker necklace

9. Oxidised Finger Rings

To complete any oxidised jewellery look, you can not forget the oxidised finger rings. Oxidised finger ring sets are very versatile in nature and can be styled in any way that you would like. The single, bold oxidised finger rings would go well with Indo-western looks.

oxidized finger ring


Wearing Oxidised Jewellery is the hottest and latest trend of 2019! Not a part of the trend yet? Well, step into it, with these beautiful oxidised jewellery designs, here.