How am I taking care of my Art Jewellery this Monsoon?

It was raining very heavily. I was getting ready for work and was about to wear my artificial silver bracelet when I observed that it was blackened in very odd places. It was then that I realized that taking care of my artificial jewellery was very important when the moisture content in the Air is very high, because of Monsoons. I realized that almost all artificial jewellery items that I own, are not made of pure metal…….

So what did I do to take care of my art jewellery in this rainy season?

1. I stored Silver and Gold artificial jewellery in small cotton bags…

I took all my silver art bracelets, earrings, finger rings, anklets and lockets and put them in cotton jewellery pouches separately. I did the same with my artificial gold jewellery and put them separately too. This would prevent the jewellery from coming in direct contact with the moist, humid air, in turn, saving it from oxidisation. Jewellery would catch humidity in plastic bags and hence, cotton bags would always be a good option.

2.For big, chunky jewellery, I put silica bags in the jewellery boxes…

As you know, Silica bags absorb extra moisture from the Air. I put the big, chunky artificial necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, in hard case jewellery boxes, putting small silica bags in them separately. As a result, my funky jewellery pieces are still the same.

Image 2- Anuradha Art Jewellery

3. When my artificial jewellery got wet in the rain, I cleaned it well….

Firstly, I avoid wearing artificial jewellery in Monsoon, as these metals are prone to blackening and I really don’t want to spoil my beautiful collection of Art Jewellery. But, the other day, I was so tempted to wear my matching silver bracelet, that..well….I did wear it in rain. When it got totally wet, before keeping it in the cotton jewellery bag, I cleaned it well with cotton, to dry it out completely. This helped to maintain the shine of the bracelet and it was saved! Pheww….

Image-3 Anuradha Art Jewellery

4. Lastly, when I was traveling, I stored all the cotton bags in Jewellery Boxes which have a hard exterior and soft, padded Interior…

This is a good way of preventing the blackening or rusting of artificial jewellery, I feel. All I did is, took two Jewellery boxes and plastic boxes with hard exterior which would keep jewellery away from moisture, and with a soft interior, which would prevent scratches and breakage of the jewellery. Even jewellery can be wraped in butter paper and can be stored in plastic box.

Plastic box for jewellery

Well, I know, like me, you might have seen your art jewellery getting spoilt in Monsoons just like me- a regular working woman. Therefore, I thought of sharing my tips with you! If you have any tips of yours, leave them in the comments! Take care of your beloved art jewellery, this Monsoon. Happy Monsoon-ing! 😀