#IndianFashionTrends: Latest Nose Pin Designs and its Significance

Did you know? The trend of wearing Nose Pins and Nose Rings dates back to somewhere around the 16th Century.  Initially women in the Middle Eastern countries started wearing nose pins and Indian women started wearing at the time of Mughal Empire. But why do you think this trend began? Was it just a fashion statement? Well, No.

A lot of theories go behind the designs of nose pins, the position and also the significance of wearing them. But before going into these theories, first things first-

Why is nose pierced?

Well, many scholars believe that Hindu ornaments work more than just a fashion statement. Nose piercing is the second most common type of piercing after Ear Piercing and is unique to Indian Culture, although now, people all across the world, both men and women, have given in to this trend. Scientifically, according to Ayurveda, nostril should be pierced on the left side as that vein is directly related to the female reproductive system, thus in turn, increasing a woman’s fertility and also easing out menstrual pain.

What is the religious importance of wearing Nose Pins?

Many believe that Nose pins are a symbol of a happy married life and hence, they form an integral part of an Indian Wedding. Although today, because of its increasing cool quotient, single girls around the globe also wear them. Wearing nose pins is also considered as a tribute to Parvati, the Hindu Goddess of Marriage. In some parts of India, the size of the nose pins also determines the financial status and power of the family you belong to! Can you believe it? Which means, the higher the financial status and power, the bigger the size of the nose pin!

Wasn’t knowing about the history and significance of nose pin interesting? Now, let me jump to the part you are waiting for, that is, latest nose pin designs! Nose pins make you look sultry, sexy and attractive in a new way, altogether! But are you confused which nose pin style to choose from? Well, let me help you out there!

Here are Latest Nath or Nose Pin designs for you to choose from:

1. Oxidised Nose Pins

To say that Oxidised nose pins are trending, would be an understatement. It is breaking the fashion industry! Oxidised nose rings add an earthy and sultry effect to your outfit, especially if you want to carry a fusion look. These nose rings make you look fierce yet elegant. The recent B-town celeb who gave in, to this trend, is not an actress, but a very famous actor!  Yes, you guessed it right- Amir Khan!

nose pins

Source: https://bit.ly/2xQvS4e

Oxidized Nose Pins

Combo Set of Oxidized Nose Pins

So now you know how crazy this trend has gotten! Here are few more designs for you to choose:

Vidya balan wearing oxidized nose pin

Vidya Balan sporting an earthy look with her oxidised nose pin.

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2. Dulhan Nath (Bridal Nose Ring)When we talk about jewellery, we cannot keep the dulhans or brides out of it, can we? Dulhan naths or bridal nose pins come in various sizes according to the look of the bride. Some brides like to wear the nath or nose ring which has pearl or golden strings attached to it, from the ears. This makes the look more traditional and bridal.bridal nose rings

sonam kapoor bridal nose ring

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Or, some brides also like to keep it minimal with statement nose bridal nose rings like that of Sonam Kapoor, from her Cannes Film festival appearance, 2017.

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3. Maharashtrian Nath

Maharashtrian women were amongst the first people to start this trend of wearing Nose pins and rings. The nose rings they wear differ in designs, shape and sizes to match the traditional Maharashtrian colours and sarees. Maharashtrian Nath is generally made of pearls, gold, and red, green or maroon stones in the centre. They dangle all the way to your lips from the nose, thus giving a real traditional Maharashtrian look.

Bajirao Mastani Nath

Source: https://bit.ly/2sNAFh5

Ditch your traditional nath and go for a look like Priyanka Chopra, from the movie Bajirao Mastaani:

4. Solitaire Nose Pin (Single stone studded)

I don’t have to mention much about this trend, because this is the most common, yet most in demand trend of nose pins- solitaire nose pins. Just wear a single diamond on your nose and see the difference in appearance! Initially women just wore a single diamond, but now, new floral designs, geometric designs have come up for you to choose from! They are light-weight and elegant.

Single diamond nose pin

Source: https://bit.ly/2JkkvqM


diamond nose pins5. Septum Nose Rings

septum nose ring

Source: https://bit.ly/2sOAm5B

This nose ring design is one such design which is borrowed. The piercing of the septum initiated from the Native American Communities. You will see South Indian women wearing septum nose rings. If you like making bold statements, or being different, this is the design for you!

6. Sania Mirza Nose rings:

Sania Mirza, one of India’s most acclaimed Tennis Player, influenced a lot of young girls to wear nose rings like her. These nose ring designs were made of either single silver ring or stone-studded single ring. This design gives a rather casual appeal and is good for everyday use.sania mirza nose ring

Now that you’ve seen the latest nose pin designs, you know what you have to do, right? It’s time for you to buy nose pins online! If you are wondering- “Where do I look for more designs?”, don’t worry, I have it covered. Check them out, here.