Inspiring Styles of Roka Jewellery For Every Kind of Bride

Roka ceremony is one of the pivotal steps towards living a married life for a bride and groom. It is the stepping stone for a lady towards designing a life as a Mrs. to someone.  As per the customs and traditions, the Roka ceremony requires an equal amount of prep for a bride-to-be as much while she is getting married.

Usually, there are different types, preferences and styles which each woman individually has and for Roka, these steps matter as to what kind of jewellery to rock with the outfit for the occasion. We’ve got some help here for you so don’t have to fret over it as these style tips for Roka jewellery is definitely for all kinds of brides out there!

For the Traditional Bride
– If you are one of those, who are more comfortable wearing ethnic wears, like a saree, suit or Anarkali for your Roka, then pair the following style of jewellery:
1. Green and Gold Half Moon Shaped Kundan Earrings
2. Floral Design Long Kundan Earrings
3. Gold Finish Fancy Kundan Earrings with Green Stones in Temple Jewellery style
4. Thread Kundan Necklace jewellery set

For the Modern Bride – If it is a western gown that you’ve opted to wear for your Roka ceremony, then these are some of the best options in jewellery for you:
1. Korean Earrings with pearls setting
2. Designer Gold Finish chain styled earrings with pearls
3. Korean Bracelet with pearls and big white stone centrepiece
4. Korean Fancy Pearls necklace set with stones

roka jewellery

For the Brides who are wearing a mix of contemporary with traditional – This is interesting when the two different worlds of modern with the ethnic come together in one. To enhance your stunning outfit for your Roka day, these are the jewels to go for:
1. Single String Antique Gold Finish Maang Tikka
2. American Diamond Earcuff earrings
3. Fancy Diamond Long Tassel earrings
4. Pale Pink Antique Gold Finish Necklace Set with stones