Jewellery From The Movie Tanhaji To Inspire Your Inner Warrior

One of the most epic movies, Tanhaji, is here starring two most famous and brilliant actors, Ajay Devgn and Kajol. This husband-wife duo’s on-screen presence is robust. This period film beautifully portrays the way a Marathi woman dresses up and adorns herself in the typical traditional Maharashtrian jewellery. Although Kajol has played many kinds of characters, but in this movie, she is going to exude the vibes of a true Marathi woman, who is a warrior’s wife. Her characters have their unique looks in the movies Kajol stars in. Tanhaji is all about embracing the authentic look of a Marathi woman. Kajol and all the other female artists in the movie have been shown in stunning jewellery, which either is simple or elaborate as well in design. Kajol’s character of Savitribai is given the pretty Naths, earrings, necklaces, mangalsutra, and similar identifying jewels from Maharashtra to wear in the movie. Here’s mentioning down a break-up of all the statement jewellery used in the movie Tanhaji. She is shown to pair her traditional jewellery with her traditional outfits, which is only sarees, tied in Marathi style. Since she is playing the wife of Tanhaji, she is given a rich and exquisite ensemble throughout the movie.

Nose Ring, the Nath – The ideal Nath that is worn by a married woman in Maharashtra is what is given to the character played by Kajol. The beauty of the Nath is adorned by pearls, a staple in a Nath design, coupled with ruby or red gemstone in the middle.

Tananji Movie Maharashtrian nath
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Statement Neckpiece, the Thushi – In different scenes of the movie, Savitribai’s character will be seen in a traditional choker necklace style very distinct to Maharashtra, which is known as Thushi. The character is shown wearing gold Thushi with matching gold bangles and gold earrings with an elaborate saree on a special celebration day.

Tanhaji Movie Thushi
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Stunning Necklace, the Mohan Mala – Big beads of Mohan Mala look very Maharashtrian, the right pick of ornament for the female characters in the movie to wear. Kajol’s authentic performance as a true warrior woman will surely do justice to these jewel looks.

Valuable Mangalsutra – Kajol’s character is shown to be wearing a Mangalsutra, the way every married woman wears in Maharashtra. Her black beads Mangalsutra has a tiny gold bead pendant right in the middle of the Mangalsutra.

Tanhaji Movie Mangalsutra

Goddess Lakshmi Haar – Designed as coins with beautiful Lakshmi goddess’ imprint over the coins are used all over this necklace. Kajol will also be seen wearing Lakshmi haar in the movie alongside other typical ornaments that are true to the character.

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Traditional Round Ear tops – Savitribai’s character is shown wearing the most popular kind of ear tops amongst the women in Maharashtra, which is round in shape and has a ruby red gemstone in the middle which is surrounded by pearls.

Gold Bangles and Green glass Bangles – Another staple jewellery which is a must-wear for every married woman in Maharashtra is the pairing of green bangles and gold bangles. Kajol’s character is shown wearing these two types of bangles at all times all through the movie. Her gold bangles have elaborate designs and patterns over the bangle and are heavy and chunky in look. The way jewellery has been decided for her character in the movie deserves accolades.

Tanhaji movie