Jewellery Styles To Embrace From The Movie Good Newwz

A romcom that keeps you bursting with laughter, Good Newzz, starring two pretty actresses, Kareena Kapoor and Kiara Advani will make you fall in love with their comic and strong characters in the movie. The fashion and style quotient has been kept up to date but the most interesting thing about it is that complete opposite styles have been given to Bebo’s and Kiara’s characters. Where Kareena is more modern and contemporary with her jewellery taste, Kiara is a typical desi Punjabi Kudi with her bling jewellery style. Below are some of the interesting jewellery staples which even you can embrace from this movie.

Ghunghroo Short Necklace – If you have watched the movie, you must have noticed that Kareena wears a beautiful oxidised necklace in one of the scenes at a hospital during her character’s consultation with the doctor. She paired the necklace with her western outfit very well.

Diamond Mangalsutra – Kiara Advani’s desi character is seen wearing mangalsutra at all times. The design of the mangalsutra is wide V-shaped diamonds encrusted one. This is a cool design if you are young and going to tie the knot soon.

Long Neckchain With Bold Pendant-  Kareena has rocked some daring and bold jewellery in the movie. Her long neck chain with a jumbo-sized pendant looked classy and at the same time very modern. Since the pendant had a dash of colours, she paired it with her soft ice-bluish white top in a scene in the movie.

Silver Jewellery – Kareena has worn a lot of silver chains in the movie with different styles and sizes of those. She has even layered them in two or three chains in some of the scenes.

Watches For Ethnic Kiara – Despite wearing more of Indian and traditional outfits in the movie, one jewellery style she has heavily worn is of jewelled watch for her looks. Her watches are bracelet styled in the movie and again, very shiny and blingy.

Traditional Kadas – Kiara’s character is from Punjab, which is why she is made to wear a lot of bangles or kangan designs in the movie. The designs are mostly in gemstones or diamond ones.

Diamond Studs – This is one common jewellery style worn by both the characters of Kareena and Kiara in this movie. Diamond studs although in different shapes and sizes have been donned by both the actresses in Good Newzz.

Dainty Neckpieces – On one hand where Kareena has worn more chunky jewellery throughout the movie, Kiara is shown with some dainty diamond jewellery pieces matched with her traditional ones. One of her dainty neckpieces in gold has a drop pendant which she wears with her mangalsutra and this is shorter than the mangalsutra.

Jhumkas & Jhumar Earrings – Kiara’s character is shown to be the demure Indian one so to match the image, she has worn Jhumka design too in some of the song sequences to match her dashing sparkly Indian outfits. Some of the Jhumar earrings are also worn by her.