Know About The Different Types Of Maharashtrian Thushi Styles

The aesthetics of Maharashtra screams culture, traditions, creativity, celebration, food, and a lot more. The jewels of this land are exotic, vivacious, grand and bold. Women in Maharashtra are always decked up in their stunning jewellery treasures on diverse occasions and events. From a long list of styles of necklaces Marathi women culturally wear, Thushi is one of the most outstanding ones due to its exclusive design. Thushi is worn by the brides, married women during weddings, festivals and other celebrations. This choker style necklace is very regional in its design and looks commendable with the traditional outfit. The archaic design of a Thushi necklace may be one, but with time, there have been some new additions and enhancements made in the way a Thushi necklace is designed. Here are some of the different types of Thushi styles that exist now.

1. Kolhapuri Thushi – Since Kolhapur is the place from where this style of necklace originated, the design of the Kolhapuri Thushi remains a classic. As introduced by the Peshwa Dynasty, the design of a Kolhapuri Thushi remains the same, which has gold beads work around the entire necklace, entangled with a number of gold strands. All are structured together as a thick choker necklace.

Maharashtrian Kolhapuri Thushi

2. Moti Thushi – This is one spectacular looking Thushi necklace where the gold beads are accompanied with pearl beads into the strings woven together. At times, to make the look of the necklace heavier and more exclusive, precious stones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, and so on are added in the middle as the centrepiece. The length of a Thushi necklace may be short or long, depending upon one’s preference.

Traditional Moti Thushi Necklace

3. Hasli Thushi – This is another type of Thushi necklace, where, instead of using beads, hollow pipe style decoratives are used to weave with the strings over the necklace. This type of Thushi necklace is also known as Chandrakor Pipe Thushi. This also has a pendant in the centre of the necklace which is adorned with gemstones and diamonds.

Hasli Thushi Necklace

4. Lac Pendant Thushi – Thushi necklaces are majorly created with tiny gold balls placed together however with lac being used in the pendant on a Thushi choker that may be added to give certain bright colour effect. The colour of the lac may be red or deep red mostly however other colours could also be used if one wants to get it customised.

Chandrakor Pendant Thushi

5. Filigree Thushi – Retaining the gold beads as a part of this type of  Maharashtrian Jewellery, just the creative style adopted for this design is in Filigree. The netting effect of gold used with gold beads looks enthralling and interesting. This may be a good option for the new-age brides.

Filigree Thushi

6. Garsoli Thushi – Also known as the Thushi, this one was also heavily worn during the Peshwa period. The design in the middle of the string of the necklace is shaped like tiny Ws, which is why it is named so. The unique design of this Thushi looks incredible with a Nauvaree saree.

Garsoli Thushi