Maharashtrian Jewellery – A Unique Range Of Ethnic Pride Available At Anuradha Art Jewellery

The heritage of different places in Maharashtra goes on living through the rich make of jewellery and its process. The region is truly gifted with so much in design and art to offer to the world. Maharashtrian jewellery has a league of its own and is very distinct in its style and design. No matter what piece of jewellery is worn by a Marathi woman, it always looks stunning and traditionally rich, as if telling a rustic story.

From Peshwai to Paithani, from Nauvari to Puneri, there’s all this and much more in the range of unique Maharashtrian jewellery available at Anuradha Art Jewellery. The quality at such a pocket-friendly budget is a win-win situation for every buyer.
At Anuradha Art Jewellery, this is the exclusive range in Maharashtrian Jewellery:

1. Thushi – One of the staples in Solah Shringar process is that of wearing Thushi necklace. The special styles in Thushi Mangalsutra, Kolhapuri Thushi and Gadu Thushi are designed in variable patterns that look different from the ordinary.

Designer thushi necklace

2. Chinchpeti – The pearl choker necklace available at Anuradha Art Jewellery is very easy to wear as it comes with adjustable doris to tie at the back.

Chinchpeti Necklace

3. Belpan Necklace – Truly inspired by nature, the Belpan necklace is a gorgeous necklace worn with the traditional wear of Maharashtra. Our special design of this necklace lends a graceful touch to every woman’s look.

4. Kolhapuri Saaj – This royal and enigmatic necklace with 21 pendants in the shape of leaves is a special one to buy from Anuradha Art Jewellery. The unique craft of the designers at the brand make it extra special.

Kolhapuri Saaj

5. Tanmani – A necklace with layers of pearls beaded chain is designed with a twist at Anuradha Art Jewellery. Get your tanmani necklace to find out why!

Tanmani Necklace

6. Rani Haar, Putli Haar, Chapla Haar & Bakuli Haar – These special Maharashtrian necklaces like rani haar, putli haar, chapla haar and bakuli haar are exclusively available in multiple designs at Anuradha Art Jewellery, to match the right mix of ethnic with contemporary.

7. Moti Jewellery, Bugadi, Ambada, Gahu Tode, Nath – From special pearls jewellery to ear ornament to bun ornament to nath, all the traditional Maharashtrian jewels are exclusively designed at Anuradha Art Jewellery, fit for grand occasions like weddings, anniversaries, festivals and other important events.

Oxidised Nath & Bugadi

The weight, length, heaviness, details on each Maharashtrian ornament varies from one piece to another. There is something for brides and also for unmarried women. Although Maharashtrian traditional jewellery looks wonderful with the traditional wear but with more women working outside of the house do pair such exclusive Marathi jewellery from Anuradha Art Jewellery with their work outfits too! Anuradha Art Jewellery’s Maharashtrian Jewellery range is perfect for gifting. For wife, sister, mother or a friend, Maharashtrian jewellery is just the right kind of gift to express your emotion with. It is traditional, surreal and wonderful. The best part is, all the special jewellery is very budget-friendly.