Makar Sankrant – The Festival of Kites

Makarsankranti is the festival of new beginning, new resolution & new commitment as it is the first festival of the year. It is the festival where everyone forgets their past failures, sorrows & step forward with new beginning & firm determination in mind.

It is the Hindu festival & celebrated in most part of India with full enthusiasm & enjoyment. It is also known as major harvest festival. Makarsankranti is a huge celebrating festival for farmers.

This festival also has an astrological importance as sun enters into a zodiac sign capricon on its celestial path. It is also believed that this day marks the reduction of winter season & beginning of new spring season.

According to Indian tradition women wears black colored attires on this day. The importance of wearing black colored attires is that this festival comes in mid of winter season & black color has the capacity to absorb the heat.

Usually people celebrate this festival wearing new cloths, worshiping God, flying kites & the most interesting part is that people exchange til ladoos or tilgul or sugar beads (sweet made of sesame & jiggery) while exchanging this sweet they says the sentence ‘’til gul ghya god god bola’’ it means that accept this tilgul & utter sweet words with everyone.

Sankranti is known by different name & celebrated with different style in different part of the country.

  • In Tamil Nadu it is known as Pongal
  • In Haryana & Himachal it is known as Maghi
  • Lohri in Punjab
  • Makarsankrant in Maharashtra
  • Uttarayan in Gujarat
  • Shishur Saenkraat in Kashmir
  • Khichdi in Uttar Pradesh
  • Makara Sankarama in Karnataka