Modern Mangalsutras – Bridging the gap between tradition and trend

No Hindu festival or occasion is complete without jewelry. A woman’s serenity and beauty is marked by what she is wearing and how she carries it. Now, while some jewelry pieces are only meant to enhance the beauty of a woman, some serve even a greater purpose than that, and mangalsutra is certainly one of them.

The Importance of Mangalsutra

A Mangalsutra is a very important and inseparable part of any Hindu Vedic marriage ceremony.  It symbolizes the union of two souls in the bond of marriage.“Mangal” meaning auspicious and “sutra” means thread. This special necklace called Mangalsutra is what the Hindu grooms tie around their brides’ neck at the time of wedding.

A Mangalsutra is called by different names in different regions of India, for example,  ‘Thaali’ in Marathi, ‘Minnu’ in Keralaetc. The designs and make of Mangalsutra also vary from region to region; for example, while Guajaratis and Marwaris often use designs related to diamond pendant, Maharashtrian have a pendant that imbibes one or two vatis, and Bengalis, on the other hand, have special coral incorporated in the making of the mangalsutra.

Mangalsutra is worn by a wife for the long life of her husband. Three knots in the mangalsutra symbolizes three different aspects of married women-

  • First knot represents her obedience to her husband
  • The second to his parents, and
  • Third signifies her respect for God.

It doesn’t end here. It is said that from the mangalsutra also emits three energies called the Desire, Action and Knowledge.

Changes according to time and circumstances

Mangalsutra is not a mere piece of expensive jewelry, it symbolizes the love, bond and emotional connect between two souls. It is believed that the black beads seen in most Mangalsutras are the protector of a woman’s husband from all evil eyes.Thus, we can see that it carries a lot of cultural value, sentiments and emotions.

With changing times, Mangalsutra, though retaining itscultural value, has also become a fashion statement these days. Design and style of making have also changed over the years.

In earlier times, women used to wear a heavy and long mangalsutra,and it was very fine for that time. But today the time is different. Most of the women are working and have to travel a lot, so a bulky piece of jewelry wouldn’t serve the purpose. Therefore, today’s independent and workaholic women had to look for more trendy and easy to carry short mangalsutra.

The new stylish Mangalsutrasare just perfect to bridge the gap between being traditional and trendsetting ornament. While the cultural importance of Mangalsutras haven’t diminished even by a dime, the make and design for Mangalsutras have certainly evolved to cater the needs of modern, working women.

Things might have changed a lot in last some decades, but we can safely say that any Hindu wedding would be still considered incomplete without this string of love called Mangalsutra. Mangalsutra always represented the real essence of Hindu weddings and always will.

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