Must have ornaments for Maharashtrian Brides

Jewellery is something that every Indian takes pride in wearing. Every wedding should be perfect, and every bride would want to look beautifully elegant and yet lavish at the same time.  Who would be the perfect examples of elegance and beauty? Maharashtrian brides, of course! Since they are set in their tradition, they forget lehengas and anarkalis and go for their simple yet beautiful paithani sarees paired with delicate glass choodas and naths. Although Maharastrian weddings are quite simple, they are filled with fun and frivolity. There are many rituals that take place before the wedding that set core values and the post-wedding rituals that are all about celebration!

Weddings aren’t something to take lightly. When it comes to Marathi weddings, Maharashtrian Jewellery is the highlight of the bride’s attire, because standing out is what is needed. Undoubtedly, their outfit is appealing, as well as their makeup, but beautiful ornaments add a certain amount of sophistication and light up the entire outfit. There are many kinds of jewellery that one can go for, but there are certain must-haves that every Maharashtrian bride needs to wear.

Here are some of the ornaments every Maharashtrian bride must have:

Rani Necklace– The gorgeous Rani Haar that shows off Haram or Sita Haram (depending on the variation) is a necessity for every bride’s neck. The necklace is made of pure gold and is one of the heavier accessories that can be worn. This is why it is ideal for special occasions like weddings.

ornaments every Maharashtrian bride
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Kolhapuri Thushi– This traditional Maharashtrian necklace is designed as a choker that fits snugly around a brides’ neck. Also called the thushi, it is another necklace that is made of pure gold beads interwoven in each other. The result is a beautiful but heavy piece of jewellery that best compliments a bride’s saree.

Kolhapuri Thushi
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Mundavalya– This beautiful piece of jewellery is a work of art. It is a string of pearls that are worn across the temples of the forehead and fall vertically down the sides of the face. Pearls are always attractive, and this ornament definitely is one to attract.

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Nath– A simple yet beautiful piece of jewellery, the Nath, is something that sets a bride apart.This nose piece is made from pearls that are woven in the shape of paisley. Some well-to-do families make these from diamonds instead of pearls, but the red stones remain as part of a tradition.  There are many designs, of course. Although the simple paisley is traditional, many brides resort to the longer Nathnis that extend into the hair. This simple ornament is more than enough to change a bride’s whole look from plain to fabulous.

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Chooda– The traditional Maharashtrian bride attire isn’t complete without the famous choodas. A heavy set of bangles is mandatory for every bride to be. A beautiful green set of glass bangles are worn after the Mehendi to symbolize new life, birth, and fertility. Along with this, heavy gold bangles are also worn with intricate designs. These are usually gifted by the groom’s family members to represent their financial status.

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Mohan Mala– This is another simple yet beautiful ornament that forms a part of a Maharashtrian bride’s ensemble. The Mohan Mala is a luxurious necklace made from gold beads that join together in the center with a pendant. They can be embellished with different designs and beads on different strings and the pendant is round to symbolize the sun. Multi-layered Mohan Mala’s are very commonly used by women for a richer, bolder look.

mohan mala
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Ambada Pin-The most elegant way to do your hair as a Maharashtrian bride is to put it in a bun, and add on beautiful Ambada Pin to tie her hair. It is embellished with beautiful stones and jewels that accentuate the bun.

Ambada Pin
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There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to Maharashtrian Jewellery, but these are a necessity for every Maharashtrian bride. You can accessorize with other ornaments as well, such as the Vaaki or Jodvi, but these are the essential items that you cannot forget.