Necklaces – A bold fashion statement

Necklaces have been adorned by men and women of all cultures since ancient times as a piece of jewellery; worn around the neck, as a status symbol and for various cultural and religious festivals and rituals. Made commonly by intertwining metal chains or fabric threads, necklaces have been around a long time and still continue to be an essential part of fashion jewellery.

Necklaces are believed to have existed even before the advent of writing, dating back to the Stone Age. Necklaces were initially made using natural materials; using plant vines and animal hide to piece together embellishments such as shells, bones, bird feathers, colorful stones, flowers, colorful animal skins, or any beautiful item found in nature.

With the progression of civilization and the onset of cloth weaving and metallurgical advancements, necklaces also developed into an art. These necklaces featured finer details and smaller, prettier patterns. After the Bronze Age came around, humans took necklace making to the next level with melting and casting metals like gold, silver, copper and silver. Necklaces became all the rage among both men and women for their beauty and high value associated with costlier and intricately designed metal pieces. Once gemstones were discovered and diamonds were cut into, there was no going back.

In today’s age and culture, necklace are available in a wide array of dazzling displays and high couture designer jewelry. Newly discovered metallurgical techniques have paved the way for a high end industry that produces expensive pieces in bulk quantities. Electroplating and artificial pieces are almost as eye-catching as the real deal. Laser etching and calligraphy have inspired magnificence in the most ordinary, effortless pieces created.

Necklaces can be classified into different types, based on length, adornment type, and the kind of material they’re made of. Common and popular designs include pearl necklaces, diamond necklace, princess necklaces, chokers, rope necklaces, gold, silver, platinum and zirconium necklaces. Necklaces often consist of metallic chains that hold a gemstone or other embellishments like Christian crosses, teeth, prayer beads etc. This kind of embellishments are called “pendants”.

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No self sufficient woman’s dresser is complete without a necklace and the higher the value, the higher the reverence of the piece in question. Jewelers and jewelry designers are in the most priced business known to mankind, thanks to these beautiful, heart-capturing pieces. Expensive metal and gemstone necklaces are not the only ones in high demand; cheaper alternatives sell just as much and maybe even more.

Necklaces have lasted thousands of years, and do not seem to be going anywhere. They’re beautiful, attractive and silently lend an air of easy affordability to the wearer. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

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