Pendants – Show it off, wear it on a chain

For as long as there have been necklaces, there have been pendants, and that is a very long time indeed. Man has always been a lover of art and wearing art on your body parts has long been considered a matter of great pride. Pendants can be any item a person chooses to put a chain or a piece of string through, and are mostly worn in the form of necklaces but can also be used in the form of bracelets and amulets, anklets and earrings.

Earliest pendants were natural artful objects found easily in nature such as feathers, animal and human teeth, shells and pretty stones. The early man was quite taken with hanging pretty items around his neck and making a small hole in a colorful rock and slipping it on to a thread has since been in fashion. From Ancient Greece to Ancient Egypt, pendants have had a long and colorful history, which has been significant in terms of religion as well as lifestyle. Kings and rulers of every big and small country, region or civilization have flaunted their wealth and power through jewelry and pendants have symbolized many a victory and prayer.
Today pendants are not just pretty trinkets. They have progressed on to become art pieces, religious symbols, service awards and medallions. Each gemstone, each specific shape and design serves its own purpose and has its own cultural significance attached to it. Of course, not all pendants are overly priced, extravagant high end designs; most of us prefer the affordable yet adorable pieces available everywhere.

Pendants come in all shapes and sizes and classifications are arbitrary. However, some well known varieties of pendants are amulets; mostly religious and spiritually symbolic items, talismans; a type of amulet believed to posses supernatural powers, lockets; hollow pieces that can be used to keep tiny objects and photographs inside, medallions; coin shaped metal pieces that are used for awards, recognitions, and the latest craze: USB drives as pendants. These memory flash drives and data holding sticks are now being worn in necklaces, officially fusing technology and culture for a new fad in fashion and cool quotients.

Pop culture
In recent times, pendants have gone on to become symbols for various entities such as music groups, religious symbols, fan memorabilia and of course, personalized initials and token pieces. Pendants that break down the middle are shared by lovers, friends and family members as a token of love and affection worldwide.

Everybody has owned a pendant at some point in their lives, and most people probably always do. If you have a necklace, you have a pendant, and it definitely holds special meaning in one way or another.

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