#PrideOfMaharashtra: Maharashtrian Necklace Designs

If there is anything which represents grace and culture of Maharashtra in jewellery, it is Maharashtrian necklaces. Maharashtrian jewellery is incomplete without a necklace or fondly called as ‘haar’. These necklaces are inspired by temple jewellery designs and give a very traditional and rich look to your appearance.

What is the speciality of Maharashtrian necklaces?

Maharashtrian necklaces are different because of their vibrant colour combinations and unique ethnic designs. The designs are generally in real or artificial gold and the use of red and green jewels and stones with pearls, is very common. Maharashtrian bridal jewellery is very much in demand and the designs are inspired from ancient Peshwa dynasty jewellers. Most of the Maharashtrian necklaces are made in Kolhapur and vary in designs according to usage and occasions.

Let us have a look at the Latest Maharashtrian Necklace Designs one by one:

1. Thushi

Thushi haar or necklace is one necklace in which is a beautiful combination of Gold or golden metal, pearls and stones. It is generally a short length, choker-type necklace which can be paired with traditional churidars or light occasions. Thushi haars come in innumerable designs and you can buy them according to your requirement. They come with adjustable doris or threads for you to adjust the length. They’re light weight and very convenient to carry.Maharashtrian Thushi

2. Rani Haar

As the name suggests, these Maharashtrian Necklace designs are inspired by Ancient necklaces worn by Queens or Rani. They generally come in 2 strings or 3 strings weaved with pearls and golden pendants all over. They can be worn as stand-alone necklaces and look very rich and royal. They are perfect for wedding occasions.Moti Rani Haar3. Moti Haar

Traditional Maharashtrian pearl necklace designs have been very popular among ladies since lot of years. Its characteristic factor is the use of Pearls and two small pendants at either side of the main pendant, all in Gold or golden metal. These pendants are generally embedded with Red, green or pink stones, making it look very vibrant and colourful. They come with adjustable doris.

Maharashtrian Moti Haar4. Chapla Haar

Chapla Haar is a type of Maharashtrian necklace which is designed intricately with various deigns like laxmi carvings, hand carved putlis, or small circles with engravings lined together to form a chain like appearance. They come in shorter lengths and are easier to carry.

Maharashtrian Chapla Haar5. Chinchpeti haar

Chinchpeti haar is a choker-style Maharashtrian necklace design which is again a combination of beautiful pearls, gold, and stones. It can have one or more pendants and looks elegant on Traditional One-pieces.

Chinchpeti Necklace6. Kolhapuri Saaj

Kolhapur is like a hub of Maharashtrian Jewellery. Kolhapuri Saaj is a necklace design which is made up of 21 Javs (Beads) and leave shaped designs in 21 variants on it. It has a pendant embedded with Red stone (Ruby) in the center. Ideally, it is woven with a thread called as Dorla which is said to protect women from evil eyes. Amazing concept, isn’t it?

Maharashtrian Kolhapuri Saaj7. Tanmani

This is a classic Maharashtrian necklace design called as Tanmani. This type of necklace generally contains Pan shaped (leaf) red and White coloured stones, with pearls hanging around them. They are a pride of Maharashtra as the designs are inspired from Peshwa Jewellery designs. They look best on Nauvari Sarees or Paithani Sarees.

Tanmani Necklace8. Bakuli Haar

The word Bakuli means something that blossoms and hence, the necklace design looks like small golden flowers blossoming together in gold. They look very delicate and simple, giving a modern yet ethnic look to your outfit. They come in 2 or 3 strings as well.

Bakuli Haar

Most of these Maharashtrian necklace designs come with an adjustable dori or thread, which makes them multi-purpose in nature. You can simply adjust them according to your dress and occasion. You can also pair these long and short necklaces together in case of brides and marriage occasions, just like these actresses…

Maharashtrian Jewellery


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Jai Maharashtra!