She’ll definitely Say ‘Yes’ – Innovative & Romantic Ways to Propose Her This Valentine’s Day

One of the most popular and themed days to propose to the love of your life is Valentine’s Day. There are innumerable ways in which you can think of expressing your love to her and propose her so that she commits and says yes to you almost immediately. But try something new, innovative yet romantic this time unlike those boring tricks to propose. Here are some of the ways to impress her with your proposal.

1. Video Proposal

Give her a surprise by making a beautiful video for her to propose but send it to her on email so she thinks it is a work-related email. You could create this video on Youtube or any other famous social media platform for the world to see your love for her.

Video Proposal
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2. Radio Announcement

Yes, that’s right. What better way than this by asking your girl’s favourite RJ to send your proposal message to your girl via his or her radio show? This can be coupled with asking the RJ to play your girl’s favourite song after the proposal message is given. She is surely going to love your style of proposing her and she can flaunt it too amongst her friends.

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3. Pet Proposal

Almost every girl is in love either with a puppy or a kitten, so you can propose to her by gifting her a puppy or a kitten with your proposal message. She will have no other choice but to say yes to you!

Pet Proposal
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4. Karaoke Proposal

So you both like to hang out at your favourite place, just take her out on V- Day and propose to her by performing karaoke there. Show off your singing skills and sing your way to her heart.

Karaoke Proposal
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5. Masterchef Proposal

The way to a woman’s heart is also through her stomach! Try to learn the top recipe of her favourite dish from a professional chef and play a personal chef to your girl by preparing her fav’ dish right in front of her eyes and at the same time put your proposal alongside.

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6. Flash Mob Proposal

Take her out for shopping and have a mob set-up to perform for her as your proposal. Alongside shopping, give her this surprise too! She’ll be thrilled and at the same time all excited, falling more in love with you.

Flash Mob Proposal
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7. Skywriting Proposal

If you don’t have budget constraints, then this is one of the most premium and luxurious ways of proposing a girl to show her how princessy you’ll treat her always. Skywriting proposal is definitely for those who want to stand out from the crowd or do something other than the ordinary. It will not only inspire and make your girl romantic but also motivate other guys to do something as special as you for their partners.

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So enjoy your Valentine’s Day proposal journey with your partner in every way!