Smart Jewellery Gifts For Your Man

It’s time to turn around the table and surprise your man with bejewelled dreams as a gift! The jewellery scene for men has evolved way more than imagined over these years, nonetheless, Indian Maharajas had already paved the way for men’s jewellery fashion section. The more exquisite pieces they wore, the higher their respect and status grew in the society. So without further ado, let’s get into it right away so you can see your Maharaja in his royal avatar, flaunting jewellery like no one else!

Bracelets of a Kind
Men in India have rocked gold jewellery in the way of wedding rings and even earrings. But then there’s also a cult of wearing classy men’s bracelet for every taste and budget. If you’re really planning to shell out daringly, invest in getting him a brawny bracelet that is embellished with his birthstones! It will not only make it more personal for him but beneficial too! It is important to ensure that real birthstones are used for such bracelets in order to get the utmost positive effects out of them. If your man isn’t much into stones, a leather layered aristocratic bracelet with beads and weavings will definitely put a smile on his face.

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Fashionable Chain
Another common jewellery piece men often wear is a chain, popular in gold, silver or platinum. So how can you add that miraculous touch to a chain you want to gift him? Well, think about adding a name pendant or a picture pendant into men’s chain. Possibly, that’s going to keep him reminding about your special place in his life. Another way of making it more interesting is by going for a mix of metals such as white silver and rose gold. This unusual pairing will make your man stand out from the crowd and put him on the highest place of any fashion pedestal.

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Diamond Encrusted Wrist Watch
Gone are the days when diamonds used to be only a girl’s best friend! More men are displaying their love for these precious rocks and when they are added to one of their most favourite accessories, a watch, you instantly know it’s a winning move. Jewelled watches for men easily are a game-changer, and you will proudly be able to show off your sense of picking the most impressive gift for your beloved gentleman. This luxury feeling of owning really precious jewellery added to a watch will make him drool over you and your beautiful heart.

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Antique Finger Ring or a Band
Men like vintage elements and ring fingers or bands of different kinds are the perfect way of sneaking in this minimalistic jewellery style in a man’s everyday look. There’s a certain hint of robust, rugged and hunky feel to such rings and men of all ages love them. You could pick from a range of real oxidised silver or artificial funky designs in antique finger bands for your man. Perchance, more than one ring will make him even more ecstatic.

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So go ahead and add you’re favourite from our list to your shopping cart and grab all his attention with your valuable and thoughtful gift for your special man.