Temple Jewellery: 8 Types of Baubles That Must Be Tried by Every South Indian Bride

Fittest for any godly beauty is the Temple Jewellery, which emerged from South India and has spread its wings across not only the entire country but the world. Temple Jewellery is grand, flamboyant and charismatic. Temple Jewellery has been worn by many celebrity women during their weddings and that reinstates the fact that any South Indian bride wanting to look like a queen on her D-day must opt for these 8 different types of Temple Jewellery.

1. Manga Malai – The traditional south Indian necklace, Manga Malai is an epic one and looks breathtaking. The shape of mango in each pendant on the neck chain makes it easy for anyone to guess the necklace style. When the mango motifs add charm to the ethnic and traditional bridal dress of any south Indian bride, it is a sight to behold.

 Manga Malai

2. Kasulaperu – When goddess Lakshmi herself is incarnated in the design of a necklace, it is bound to make any south Indian bride look like a goddess. This traditional design of necklace has coins all around the chain which has imprints of goddess Lakshmi, the symbol of wealth and prosperity. A finishing of Kempt stones, uncut diamonds and gemstones add glamour to the look of this necklace.


3. Vadiyanam – Also known as Vaddanam, this waistband or Kamarbandh is a piece of traditional jewellery worn by the brides in South India. This is a must-wear style of Temple Jewellery to look enigmatic and a true Indian beauty. Every bride must get their hands on this piece as it can add character to one’s bridal look. There are many styles available in this and can be customised based on one’s liking. Rubies, emeralds, and diamonds are encrusted over the belt, which also keeps the traditional attire of a bride in place.


4. Vanki – An essential part of Temple Jewellery, Vanki is an armlet or a baaju bandh, which completes a proper get up for any south Indian bride. Vankis look gorgeous and can be easily worn as they glide over the arm. The beautiful designs and carvings over the Vankis make them look like ancient beauties.

south indian vanki

5. Bangles – These are known by different names in different parts of South India. For a south Indian bride, wearing balas or bangles is a must. This Temple Jewellery staple is chunky in its look and is kind of heirloom jewellery that is passed on from one generation to another.

south indian bangles

6. Jhumkas – Extremely fashionable, Temple Jewellery segment’s prolific accessory, Jhumkas look surreal when paired with the bridal saree of any bride. The Jhumkas are either bell-shaped or in half moon motif. All gold with gemstones and crystals studded in the pieces come across as the jewels of the wealthy royals. Brides, this one is a must-have!

7. Nethi Chutti – Another bridal jewellery staple from the Temple Jewellery segment is the Nethi Chutti, which is a Maang Tikka of a sort. The head of a bride is covered with this jewel, making her look like a work of art. The ones with pearls and beads on the chain of Nethi Chutti are really popular now.

8. Jada Billa – The floral accessory for the hair of a south Indian bride from the world of Temple Jewellery is the Jada Billa. This is shaped like a crescent moon or U-shaped, with a pin to fix the accessory into the hair bun style. The flower design coupled with pearls and stones makes the hair accessory look purely divine.