Terracotta Jewellery: The Creation of Art

Jewellery accompanies women throughout their entire life. However jewellery style & motifs keep changing according to trend. A type of jewellery currently trending in fashion world is terracotta jewellery.

Terracotta is an Italian word which means cooked earth clay. Terracotta jewellery is one of the oldest forms of jewellery crafted in India since Harrapan civilization . Apart for making jewellery terracotta clay is used to make kitchenware & household decorative articles.

Designs of terracotta jewellery are inspired by nature, animals, plants, leaves, flowers, tribal Gods or more stylish look can be given by using different shapes. Terracotta jewellery is crafted from natural earthen clay so it is skin-friendly. Now days in market it is available in numerous modern designs.

How to Make Terracotta Jewellery?

Making terracotta jewellery is an art which flourishes since ancient time. Simply four steps are followed to craft terracotta jewellery.

  1. Squeezing & Molding:- Firstly to make terracotta jewellery you have to squeeze the terracotta clay (potters clay). This clay can be stored in air tight container to prevent it from hardening. No   need to add water or any other material to clay, terracotta clay itself is ready. Mould the clay in different shape, size & design according to your creativity.
  2. Drying:- Secondly you have to dry the molded clay. There is two simple ways to dry up the clay i.e. Air drying & Sun drying. Let the molded clay dry for two days.
  3. Baking:- Thirdly you have to bake the molded shape so that it can be hard. There are various methods to bake the terracotta jewellery like
  • Electric & oven baking:- It is a modern way of baking a terracotta jewellery. Place the molded structures in oven & bake it on temperature 220 to 240 degree centigrade.
  • Cooker Baking:- Comparative to electric baking cooker baking is less expensive & saves power consumption. Keep the molded clay structure in air-tight steel container, pour water in cooker & place the air-tight steel container in cooker. Adjust the flame of gas high. Keep the cooker at high-flamed gas burner & bake it for half an hour. Do not forget to remove cooker whistle.
  • Saw Dust Pan Baking:- It is very simple & easy way of baking terracotta jewellery. At high flamed gas place the pan & put the saw-dust into pan. Within a minutes saw-dust will start spreading in pan. Now in heated saw-dust you can put the terracotta jewellery. Jewellery will start heating inside the saw-dust. Put some more saw-dust onto the heating jewellery & continue this process till the jewellery color turns to dark brown.
  • Even you can avoid baking jewellery at home by taking it to potters yard & ask him to bake the jewellery at suitable temperature.
  1. Painting:- Lastly your terracotta jewellery is ready for paint. Different paints are used to color terracotta jewellery like pearl & metallic paints but mostly acrylic & oil paints are utilized. To get the shine you can apply a brush of varnish.

 Which Outfits are Suitable with Terracotta Jewellery?

Terracotta jewellery designs are mostly ethnic inspired. It will add more graceful touch to your ethic look when it is clubbed with cotton suit or saree.

How to Take Care of Terracotta Jewellery?

Though terracotta jewellery is crafted from clay it is not brittle as it is baked on high temperature, but little care should be taken to prevent your terracotta jewellery from breakage & dullness.

Following are the simple ways to handle your terracotta jewellery with care:-

  • Avoid keeping any heavy thing on jewellery as it may break.
  • Clean it with soft cotton cloth after every wear to make it look new.
  • Avoid keeping it with other accessories to prevent scratches.
  • Prevent it to come in contact with water, perfumes, chemicals, alcohols & cosmetics.

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