The 6 Mistakes You Should Be Wary Of While Buying Wedding Jewellery

And oh that bridal glow goes outta’ the door! That’s exactly what happens when as a bride you find out the big or little mistakes you’ve made while shopping your wedding jewellery, and now it is already too late.

This is a sensitive situation every bride must try to avoid at every cost as there is a likeability of this happening to many. Bridal jewellery shopping is no joke and a woman must understand that there are many aspects to it. The biggest element involved in jewellery shopping is the budget, and then there’s comfort, design, quality, to name a few of the rest of the things.

Here are the 6 mistakes brides make while going bridal jewellery shopping that causes so much headache and stress later:

1. Not finalising your outfit first – Absolutely yes. It is very important to get your hands on the wedding outfit first and then buying the jewellery. Once that is done, it will give you much clarity in terms of design, colour, range and heaviness of the jewellery you must pair with your outfit. Carrying a piece of the bridal outfit cloth while buying artificial jewellery will be very helpful.

2. Not paying attention to the intricacies of the outfit – Certain colours, designs and combinations over a dress can look good with specific types of jewellery metals and designs. For instance, pairing a pink lehenga with silver embroidery would not at all look good with gold jewellery. This is the reason one must be careful and take extra caution by looking at all the details over the wedding outfit.

3. Overlapping and Overlayering of Necklaces – This is probably done out of anxiety and blindly following trends. A bride must understand what is her true personality which she wants to show through her bridal jewellery. Overlapping wrong sizes and designs of necklaces plus going overboard with the layering of the necklaces can make you look very off and non-stylish.

4. Blindly following what’s in fashion – This is a big mistake which must be avoided. Trends and styles do help in showing certain ways and giving ideas while planning for the kind of jewellery you would like to wear on your wedding but a big Matha Patti might not compliment your face, instead, a Borla style Maang Tika might look much better.

5. Selecting the wrong size of earrings – Usually, brides like their earrings and want them to be big and beautiful. Understandable, but again, consider the right size of earrings so it is not only wonderful on your face cut but also comfortable throughout the wedding day.

6. Repetition of jewellery style – Sometimes, brides may unconsciously pick up similar styles of jewellery for all the wedding, pre-wedding, and post-wedding ceremonies. Certain jewellery in Jadau, Polki look great for weddings, Gota or pearls look wonderful for Sangeet while diamonds look stunning during wedding reception party with a western or Indo-western gown.