The Most Exclusive Must-Own Jewellery & Sherwani Accessories For A Groom In 2022

‘Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhana Lagta Hai’, and what about the rest of the ensemble? Yes, grooms need to have their grooves together so that they are equally in the limelight like their brides. This is the century where men are being selective with what kind of look they want to put out on their biggest day, their wedding. Other than the groom’s outfit, teeny weeny details can literally make or break the look of a groom.

In 2022, up your style game all you groom, as here’s a special list of all the jewellery or accessories to put on your Sherwani so you end up looking like the most handsome Maharaja for your wedding.

1. A creative Sehra to match your sherwani is how a groom can look different from the other grooms picking the same style over and again. If the groom’s outfit has specific colours in them, then incorporating those colours in the shapes of beads in the Sehra will do the trick.

sehra for men

2. A feather brooch or a Kalgi for the Safa or the Pagdi is a must-have for any groom in this decade. Since it is the head where the attention goes first, wearing a stunning brooch attached over the Pagdi will give a royal look.


3. Sherwani Button Brooch is a good combination of adding accessories as well as styling and keeping the dupatta of the Sherwani in place. The buttoned brooch style is an interesting mix of creatively using safety-pin style into the groom’s outfit. Some of the button brooches may also have two or three strings or layers to attach the different ends of the button and the brooch accessory together.

brooch for men

4. Customized Necklace for the groom is one of the most essential jewellery pieces that cannot be missed. Customizing the groom necklace to go well with the Sherwani is of utmost importance.

groom necklace

5. Matching a ring and bracelet is another way of adding suaver to the groom’s overall look for the wedding day. If a men’s bracelet doesn’t seem very interesting, a bold Kada is a way to go then and add that masculine touch to the look.

mens bracelet

Other than these must-have accessories and jewellery for a groom in 2022, adding layers with neck chains and even more rings to the fingers can be done. Achieving a look for the wedding day requires planning, which must not be overlooked by any groom.