Top 5 Adornments Groom Must Have On His Wedding

Wedding is one of the important events of every person’s life.  For this day brides are very conscious about their accessories, dressing, makeup & much more. But grooms are supposed to be simple and in royal look as compared to bride, they wear wedding outfits, comb their hair, a bit perfume & clean shave.

As it is one of the important day, bride & groom should look equally stunning. Groom must be conscious about his wedding accessories to match up with his beautiful bride.

Here are top 5 types of adornments which Indian groom must consider on his wedding:-

1. Turban(Pagadi):-

Turban plays a vital role in Indian wedding; it is worn by bridegroom on his head. Very often it is a long plain unstitched printed cloth. The length of cloth may vary according to the type of turban.

It indicates an honour, self-respect & strong personality of bridegroom as per Indian tradition.  This might be a reason why turban is important in Indian wedding.

Pagdi For Groom

2. Turban Ornament (Sarpech):-

The word sarpech means that which is screwed onto the front of tuban.

Turban has great importance in wedding similarly turban ornament plays a significant role. It is pinned to front of turban to add extra elegance.

Turban ornament with one upward rising design is known as ek kalagi while on other hand those with three projections are called tin kalangi. Usually turban ornaments are floral in design & embossed with precious stones along with enamel work for additional beauty.

turban ornament

3. Groom Tika (Dulha’s forehead bindi):-

Bindi is usually placed on forehead; it is a tear drop shaped bindi also known as Tilak bindi. It is the mark of auspiciousness. Tilak is a vermilion colored mark made on groom’s forehead during wedding ceremony but now in modern days instead of applying vermilion colored mark decorative stick bindi is used.

forehead bindi

 4. Groom Necklace:-

Groom neckpiece is made of woven pearls. A necklace in sober design with some pearl is sufficient for groom to look dashing. Well, moti mala adds a royal touch to the groom’s appearance.  Recently in bollywood movie ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’  Salman Khan has worn the pearl necklace in his groom character. But now a days, kundan embossed neckpiece is also in trend.  We can say that neckpiece for groom is important on wedding to get that royal look.


5. Brooch

Brooch is an ornament that signifies the groom’s pride & defines his personality as well. It is a decorative ornament attached to the left hand side of groom’s costume and is only accessory which is near to heart of the groom. This metal crafted ornament gives a distinct look to groom’s persona.

Brooch For Groom

Hey, friends do remember this groom’s adornment while doing wedding shopping.

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