Top 6 Popular Fashion Jewellery Trends you can’t afford to miss, this 2019!

It is 2019- with the last digit of 2018 changing from 8 to 9, there might be an entire shift in the fashion jewellery trends as women are becoming more experimental and bold with their jewellery preferences, and an ample amount of attention is being given by the jewellery designers worldwide, on the needs, likes and convenience of a strong, beautiful, independent, multi-tasking woman, who is not worried about just looking classy and trendy, but also careful about her own comfort and preferences. That is why, the trending art jewellery designs are edgy, light-weight, yet will never fail to make a mark!

Let us see the top 6 art jewellery designs which our jewellery and fashion designers are rooting for, this 2019:

1.Big Hoop Earrings

The classic hoop earrings are back in trend, in quirky and asymmetrical designs. These retro earring designs are going to be back in action, this year, with top models already wearing them on ramps for the latest designer collections! Circular hoops will now see experimental designs like star hoop earrings, crescent moon-shaped hoop earrings, oval hoop earrings, and much more.

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2. Kundan Wedding Jewellery- A Colourful Journey

Wedding Jewellery is going to transform in a colourful manner, this 2019, with brides tired of the same old red, golden, green, and maroon stone studded wedding jewellery. Brides have now started choosing bridal jewellery in various contrasting colours like Emerald Green, Dusky Rose, Peach, Pastel Greens and Pinks, Turquoise and various other exotic hues, depending upon the upcoming Pastel shades in Wedding Lehengas, like B-town actresses Anushka Sharma or Neha Dhupia wore for their weddings. Bride-to-be’s are also chucking the traditional gold polished bridal jewellery for Rose Gold wedding jewellery, or Antique Gold polished wedding jewellery, which is truly going to be a visual treat!

3. Chain-link Necklaces

After chokers and statement necklaces in 2017 and 2018, it’s time for Chain-link necklaces to re-enter the fashion jewellery market. You could choose from huge, thickly linked chain necklaces in silver or rose gold, or you could go with delicate chain-linked necklaces, like the one shown below. But whatever you pick, it’s surely going to be the talk of the town, for the trend has just begun!

fashion jewellery online
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4. Stone Studded Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets already entered the fashion jewellery world in 2018, but now, it’s time to decorate them with statement stones and gems, this new year! Elegant cuff bracelets with single stones studded on them, in solid colours, are surely going to be trending. You know what is the plus point? They would match with both casual as well as formal outfits! 

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5. Bespoke Chokers and Pendants

Bespoke fashion jewellery or customised fashion jewellery has always been in vogue, but in 2019, you will see how easily you will be able to pick out fashion jewellery designs which you can relate to, in terms of your likes, beliefs, and preferences! Celestial designs like Moons, stars, crescents, will be in demand in designer pendants, along with metal chokers in silver, gold and rose gold, imprinted with your names, or life quotes. Cool stuff, no?

designer pendants
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6.Corporate Jewellery- Formal Dangler Earrings and much more..

Geometric and abstract designs are all set to reign the fashion jewellery world, and you will be able to experiment much more with corporate jewellery designs or formal jewellery designs. Crisp formal shirts paired with elegant, geometric dangler earrings, might sound a bit too much, but the final look turns out to be classy!

corporate jewellery
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As promised in the last blog, we’re finally here with the latest, raging, popular and predicted fashion jewellery trends which you’d definitely want to be a part of. Missing them, would mean missing out on all the fun and fancy things in 2019! Grab your art jewellery, you know where, right? Yes, only at 

If there are other jewellery trends you think we’ve missed, we’re all ears! Write back to us ?

Happy shopping!