Trendy Bangles To Add In Your Collection Box Right Now!

Bangles are really an important part of putting together a look, especially an ethnic one although it’s not limited to this! Historical anecdotes have defined how bangles played an important role in completing the ‘Shringaar’ procedure for any woman, married ones, especially!  The love for this fashionable accessory hasn’t died since and it won’t so even in the future. Their versatility makes them an effortless piece of jewellery that can be rocked by anyone. For special events, regular days, or any ceremonious moment, bangles are the perfect choice to pick. Although bracelets are a more urban and western twist on our own bangles, however, we’ve listed the most fabulous desi bangle trends to get hands-on and fill your collection box with right away!

Classic Gold Bangles

We are not talking about the regular gold bangles that you are worried about looking boring in these new times of trends. Based on your personal preference, invest in gold bangles or the ones with rose gold tones. These are trending a lot these days along with rich colours, especially in traditional dresses. Nonetheless, there’s no hint of worry about pairing them with any colour because these blend in really well. 

CLassic Gold Bangles
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Feminine Thread Bangles

A woman is deemed as a delicate and fragile being, who looks absolutely stunning in these handmade thread bangles to polish the feminine side of any woman. It enhances the beauty of a woman’s wrist like none other. Most of these thread bangles are created with very bright and colourful threads. These can be paired wonderfully with floor-length dresses or gowns. Lehengas have a new BFF in these precious-looking bangles!

Thread Bangles
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Silky Rich Bangles

The choice of many royals, silk is all about wealth and looks elegant and luscious. Silk bangles are made with silk thread and due to the natural shine silk has, these bangles tend to compliment heavy looks for different occasions. Most of the designs of silk bangles are loaded with embellishments, so if you are interested in looking like a queen, add this one to your collection.

Silk Rich Bangles
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Diamond Bangles

Need we say more? These precious rocks are enough to add glamour to anyone’s outfit. Having some beautiful diamond bangles in your collection is a must. Whenever in doubt over what accessory to pair with your clothing, pick this one.

Diamond Bangles
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Silver or Oxidised Bangles

Almost falling in a similar category, these bangles are like sisters. Silver is more vibrant and oxidised have a darker tone, giving a very vintage look to the bangles.  Charming statement bangle designs in these look great with Indo-western dresses. Som very boho vibes are ruling the trends nowadays and silver or oxidised bangles will help you achieve that look.

oxidised bangles
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Stone Bangles

Different coloured stones are set into a metal framework, and there you have the most romantic-looking bangles to grace you. A great choice for a cocktail evening!

Stone Bangles
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Fancy Bangles

Metals of any colour, wooden bangles imprinted with unusual patterns, white stones bangles, pearl bangles are some of the fancy bangle choices to add in your collection.

Fancy Bangles
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