What Special Jewellery To Wear During Holi?

Festivals in India have an important place in the hearts of the people and each festival has a significance of its own. Holi is one of the festivals generations have loved celebrating so much so that foreigners also enjoy playing with colours on Holi when in India or even abroad. For a woman, selecting jewellery for any festival is quite an important and interesting task to blend well and do justice to the occasion.

Since Holi is all about beautiful hues, there’s a need to match up with the theme of the day and select jewellery that compliments the occasion and at the same time is good enough for a woman to wear. To enhance the playful mood for Holi, here’s a list of 5 colourful jewellery ideas to wear this Holi.

1. Yellow Pendant Set – This is all about happiness, warmth and positivity. Drench yourself in yellow gulaal while wearing a beautiful Yellow Pendant Set. Try on the fancy gold finish Kundan Pendant Set and you are bound to look like a bright flower.

Holi special Pendant Set
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2. Blue Hair Crystal Pin– Blue is a colour that has a calming effect on people. It is the colour of Lord Krishna, who is the epitome of blue beauty and one of the reasons behind celebrating this festival of colours. A Fancy Blue Gold Hair Pin is indeed the quintessential accessory to keep your hair off of your face so you can enjoy playing and dancing on your favourite Holi song with your loved ones.

Holi Special Crystal Hair Pins
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3. Green Bangles – The colour of spring, fertility and new beginnings, you can plan on wearing the stunning Green gold finish fancy bangles to let your hands do the talking all day! Make all green with envy with your green bangle beauties.

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4. Red Traditional Earrings – What looks the best with an ethnic outfit for Holi? A Traditional pair of earrings with pretty red stones. The most passionate colour, Red is also the gulaal you will end up playing with upon wearing these marvellous red traditional earrings.

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5. Oxidised RingOxidised Ring on your beautiful finger will end up looking like the best choice you’ve made for the event.

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Other than these five glorious jewellery options, wearing purple coloured jewellery or even multi-coloured stones jewellery are also some of the great options to choose from. Multi-coloured bangles or earrings, purple Maang Tika or nose ring, or even a combination of blue and red, yellow and green, red and white, etc. make for interesting ways of pairing jewellery with your special Holi outfit.