#WomanPower: Celebrate International Women’s Day with Sparkling Jewellery Designs which suit your Personality

Every year, we celebrate International Women’s Day to celebrate womanhood and success of Women in all walks of life along with protesting for gender equality and Women’s rights. Today, instead of waiting for others to celebrate women, its time for you to stand up and celebrate yourself as a woman. No matter how you are- fun-loving, independent, extrovert, introvert, bold, fair skinned, dark skinned, thin, fat, short, tall……and all the adjectives people use- celebrate and pamper yourself by picking out the correct jewellery for you, according to your personality type! Why? Because you’re a Super Woman!

Here are your special International Women’s Day Jewellery picks according to your Personality:

1.Fun-loving and Bubbly

If you’re in love with everything Life has to offer, if you’re optimistic, bubbly and outspoken- Big, loud and chunky jewellery, like these Big Tassel earrings, can be your thing! This will compliment your style and will make you stand out from the rest!

Tassel earrings
Korean Tassel Earrings

2. Grounded and down-to-earth

If you are a nature lover and always behave humbly and modestly, if you embrace people just like the way they are- you are grounded and down-to-earth. To compliment your personality, earthy and handmade terracotta jewellery would be the best as it would bring out the ethnicity in you.

terracotta jewellery
Hand painted Terracotta Jewellery

3. Confident and Independent

If you carry yourself confidently, love being independent and balancing all aspects of life perfectly, you’re the enviable confident and independent woman! For you, unique and exclusive Gold, silver and diamond necklace set would be the perfect Women’s day gift.

Chain Pendant Set
Classic pearl and diamond necklace set

4. Classic and Introvert

If you take time to open up to people, yet admire artwork and immerse yourself in creative art, you’re a classic design lover and an introvert. Women’s day jewellery pick for you would certainly be a classic Pearl and diamond necklace set.

diamond necklace set
American diamond necklace set

5. Organized and Sorted

If messy beds and unorganized tables irritate you, or if you can not tolerate latecomers and indiscipline in life- you’re the woman who likes everything to be in control and to be organized and sorted. Matching designs and colour coordinated necklace sets would be perfect women’s day jewellery for you, to match your personality!

pendant set for girls
Matching Korean pendant set

6. Bold and Beautiful

If you are the woman who lives life on the edge, loves breaking barriers of the society, and never hesitates from listening to her heart- bold, intricate and large jewellery designs would suit you the best! You can generally pull off any unconventional design and rock It, this International Women’s day!

Necklace design
Fancy Korean Necklace Set

7. Happy-go-lucky!

If you’re the woman who takes life as it comes, forgives people easily and if you have the ability to deal with complicated issues in a relaxed and calm manner- you’re the quintessential happy-go-lucky woman everybody wants to stick around to! Light weight, sporty and simple jewellery designs like a Tennis bracelet or a chain pendant set, is something which would compliment your personality the best, this women’s day.

Red Ruby and Golden Tennis Bracelet

It doesn’t matter who you are- someone looking for Women’s day gift ideas for an inspirational woman or a woman who wants to pamper herself, let these amazing women’s day jewellery designs make you and your personality shine bright! You can get them at www.anuradhaartjewellery.com

Happy Womanhood! Happy Shopping!