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Bollywood Loves It - Chandbali Earrings

The traditional earrings that can never fade away its charm are the good old Chandbali earrings. This type of earrings is ethnic yet versatile in every sense. There's no doubt that the name is self-explanatory as Chand in Hindi means moon, which is why Chandbali earrings are shaped as a crescent moon which may or may not be embellished with diamonds, precious stones or beads. Here's what history says about Chandbali Earrings.

Origin and Background-
The Mughals are to be praised for it was them who introduced these beauties in India. The royal families and aristocrats wore Chandbali earrings on all public occasions. Initially, these were not looked at as jewels rather Jhumars, meant for hair adornment. The paintings of the Mughals denote clearly that moon-shaped jewellery was very popular among them. When they invaded India, their style blended with the traditional Indian jewellery style and thus we found the Chandbalis of our own. The Nizam's era in Hyderabad brought in the concept of pearls in jewellery which in a way paved way for Chandbalis, which is why Hyderabad is the place that popularised Chandbali Earrings. How can you easily identify the Nizam's Chandbalis? The designs comprise premium quality pearls.

There are many variations of Chandbalis and here are some of the most unique and beautiful ones:

Jhumka Chandbali - You must have seen these but didn't recognise what these were called. Jhumka Chandbalis have an extension at the bottom, creating a beautiful amalgam between two distinct styles of earrings. Long earrings style of Jhumka Chandbalis look great with Anarkali suits and Patiala suits.

Extended Chandbali - This can be easily customised as there's a detachable piece that you can add or take off from the main piece. So, you get two earrings in one.

Chandbali with uncut diamonds and stones - There's nothing more exquisite and richer than any earring being embedded with precious diamonds and gemstones that are unpolished and uncut. The rawness of these stones adds a chicness to the traditional touch of the Chandbalis.

Long Chandbalis - These are long enough to touch the shoulders while one is wearing them. These could be metal-based or in gold and silver. Silk thread earrings in chandbali style looks good. These are not heavy to cut the ear lobes.

Small Chandbalis - Definitely for the fun times, small length Chandbalis in oxidised look are the best styles for young women. College going girls, or women at work can rock the small Chandbalis. Usually, the most popular style of these are decorated with colourful beads over the oxidised metal.

Oversized Chandbalis - The most exuberant and scintillating style in Chandbalis is the oversized ones. These are perfect for the brides. Heavily embellished with diamonds, Kundan, rubies, and other crystals on these earrings make them look rich and stylish in a very traditional manner.  

The rest of the factors that may influence choices regarding picking Chandbalis are the comfort of a person, price, occasion and personal style. For the true jewellery lovers, at least one pair of Chandbalis in every style is a must so you can match them with the outfits of your choice.