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Earchain, kanchain

Decorative Jewellery With Ear Chains

Wearing earrings is quite a common practice amongst women and men. Since the earlier ages, both the genders have liked wearing these tiny jewels and there are many sizes of the same as preferred by an individual. There's a host of styles and types of earrings and even piercings to wear a variety of ear jewellery. Ear lobes are pierced most commonly but then even the other tough and soft parts on the ears are also pierced by many and types of jewels are worn. Talking of accessories for the ears, there's one very feminine type of jewellery accessory which only women like to wear. This is none other than the Ear Chains! These are also known as Matilu.

Why earrings are important?

The main motto of earrings is to enhance a person's look. Based on the occasion, one chooses to wear a certain type of earrings, big or small. It can be traditional, contemporary, simple, starking, and funky too! For women, earrings are meant to add a feminine touch and some of the earring designs help in elongating the neck of a woman to make it look slender and beautiful. When it come to the traditional designs of earrings, the ear chains play a very vital role.

Why ear chains look gorgeous?
There are multiple reasons ear chains are a thing amongst jewellery lovers and women in general. But what are ear chains? It is not so difficult to understand that ear chains can be a single string or multiple strings of chains with pearl or gold and silver beads which have a hole on one end that can be fixed onto the earring's end and the other end of the chain has a hook to be fixed into the hair.

This is a great accessory for those women whose ear lobes have a larger cut due to excessive and heavy earrings wearing at maximum times. It is also a great way of adding a sparkling and stunning touch to the bridal look or a function get up as it works as an accessory for the ears as well as the hair.

The kanchain or the Matilu-

The traditional jewellery accessory is a must for any bride, especially in the South of India. Even the dancers and the stage performers decorate their ears and hair with Matilu. This has special importance in a bride's trousseau box. The traditional value and the designs of these are focussed on enhancing a bride's beautiful face and to make her look like a goddess.

A Matilu design is sober, simple and beautifully crafted. The strings of the ear chains sit prettily over the hair, making it look like a dream. Whether a woman wears a nice bun or a braid, the ear chains look wonderful with everything. The most common style of kanchain comes in a gold chain with pearl beads and tiny hangings over the entire chain. To make it look a bit different, the modern bride may also go for a gold chain with colourful stones and beads over the ear chain to decorate her ears and hair.