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Ear Cuffs For 'It' Generation

If you thought the traditional earrings are the only accessory to flaunt then you're in for a treat! Keep reading and learning all about the Ear Cuffs taking over the minds of fashion junkies everywhere.

The real story-
Ear Cuffs better known as 'Kaffas' are worn over the outer rim of the ears by men and women alike. These can be for the ones with helix piercings as well as for those without the piercings as clip ear cuffs are also easily available now.  

The first time Kaffas were introduced to the world was in 2000 BC when excavators found the first of their kind around the British Isles. These were designed in a different way that would attach to the visible edges of the ears. It wasn't complex at all to wear these since these were lightweight and sat well over the ears however big designs were created for people's liking. These were made from brass and had a good hold over the ears.

Around 350 B.C., aristocrats in Greece flaunted ornate gold ear tops or the cuffs. The motive of wearing ear cuffs was to display status and wealth by these aristocrats. The designs and patterns over these cuffs were much more intricate and elaborate than the earliest Kaffas that were introduced.

The ancient Indian art of the 12th century showed ear cuffs that were different in many ways. These had strings and chains attached to the ear cuffs which stretched out till the nose or the strings could be attached to the hair to beautify the look. There's no denying that such glam styles of Kaffas were meant for grand occasions such as weddings or anniversaries and this is why, till date, women wear ear cuffs at special events and yes, the latest earrings style is what every woman wants.

18th-century Kaffas that appeared in Europe seemed to be very vibrant in their look. Jewellers began creating more floral designs over the Kaffas. These were more feminine in their feel and were embellished with coloured gemstones and made from precious metals too!

20th century brought in a twist to the ear cuffs, which was done by some renowned designers in America. The ear cuffs faded and there was something new which was introduced. The Earrites were born which were worn like any other cuffs but were clipped on to the ear lobes. Some Hollywood actresses made this trend very popular in their times.

Ear Cuffs in Today's time-
In the modern age, ear cuffs are deemed to be the sign of toughness. A mix of pop and punk culture seems to have embraced the ear cuffs style of earrings. Many artists have flaunted their special diamond ear cuffs on many events to bring out and show to the world their rebellion side. This beautiful accessory has evolved in many ways and now there are such a wide variety of styles in ear cuffs which couldn't be imagined in the earlier days. These range from the ones meant for bridal collection to the crazy styles worn by musicians, artists, and so on.