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Know everything about maang tikka

Everything You Need to Know about Maang Tikkas

A bridal trousseau is never complete without a Maang Tikka. Although it may not be worn very often like other jewellery such as earrings or rings however there's a special place for this head ornament because it has a traditional value as well as a very Indian ethnic flawlessness about itself.

Where did it originate from?

Many ethnic styles find their source from the ancient scriptures, sculptures, and paintings, where the beautiful maang tikka adorn the beauty of a woman. In fact, in some paintings, even men are depicted to be wearing a maang tikka-like ornament, which denotes that this jewellery piece has much more significance than we can think of.

Value of this forehead Ornament-

The real reason that makes maang tikka so valuable is in the way it is designed and why so! As per the mythological tales, the tikka rests on the spot of the forehead which is linked with the sixth sense that represents the power of the soul. This spot at the center of the forehead is also linked with better decision-making, emotions, and concentration. This vintage accessory is a powerful way of enhancing her beauty for any woman and also in reinstating her faith in her love for her partner.

For whom is it?-

Maang tikkas are particularly an essential part of dolling up for any bride however it can be worn by anyone during special occasions, or when your desiness needs some extra edge while styling a look for an important event. Given the variety and style of maang tikkas that are now available out there, definitely, everyone can find a style that suits them the most.

Maang Tikka Designs to wear inspired by different regions of India-
From basic designs to the designer maang tikkas, you can pick any as per your preference and occasion.

1. Simple or Elaborate Diamond Maang Tikka is the one that's always a winner. Nothing can beat a beautiful diamond maang tikka simply because it's timeless, elegant and a treasure. Whether there's a simple design or a heavily clad and embellished diamond maang tikka, it'll look stunning whatsoever!

2. Ethnic Rajasthani Maang Tikka has a basic design with a chain and a pendant-like mangtika in front which is crafted with gold, pearls, Kundan or other precious stones. This is also named as Borla. If you wish to look like any royal Rajasthani princess, opt for this style of maang tikka.

3. South Indian style maang tikkas are a combination of two brooches to be put on the sides and one main tikka with three strands. The entire look seems very luxurious and rich. The two brooches and the pendant on the main maang tikka strand denote the blessings of the moon and the sun.

4. Punjabi style maang tikkas are usually quite over-the-top! This is because the size of the tikka is huge which in a way covers half of the forehead. Since bindis are not always worn in a Punjabi wedding by the bride, the maang tikka serves a robust way of completing the bridal look or any ethnic look for an important occasion like a wedding!  

5. Side stringed matha patti is really popular since these look like a modern twist on this ethnic piece of jewellery. Generally, the side strings are full of pearl and gold beads and there's a brooch like a pendant on the tikka. This is an Arab-inspired style of maang tikka.

6. Maharashtrian forehead ornaments are typically known as the mundavalya. The similar pattern of maang tikka is also worn by the Gujarati brides who call it as moriyo. This maang tikka is mainly created with tiny pearls and colourful stones, usually in green.