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Fall In Love with Gujarat's Legendary Pachchikam Jewellery

Pachchikam Jewellery has made its return and fashionistas are going gaga over it!  This centuries-old form of making traditional jewellery by adept craftsmen of Gujarat and Kutch have revived not only the craft of making these beautiful baubles but also the memories and legends associated with it. Let's get exploring the magical Pachchikam Jewellery, a precious art form, gifted by "The Land of Jewels', Gujarat. 

Roots & Traces-

It is believed that the European nobility around the 16th century had major influences that brought about the birth of Pachchikam Jewellery. Even though it comes across as very traditional, yet the design traces can be found by looking at the portraits of the European dignitaries, which highlights that the trade relations with them ushered a beginning of crafting Pachchikam Jewellery in Gujarat. As far as the name goes for this particular kind of jewellery, it could be related to the term Pachchighar known as a goldsmith or it could also have been derived from the word Panch which means five fingers as Pachchikam Jewellery is heavily handcrafted by the smiths. 

Unique Look-

On the fashion platform, you'll come across a range of Pachchikam Jewellery designs in bangles, earrings, armlets, anklets, maang tikka, and all the trendsetters have started adding these to their unique collection of jewellery wardrobe. By the looks of any Pachchikam Jewellery piece, it might come across as very dainty and fine but at the same time extremely exquisite yet unfinished. However, the process of crafting and bringing into life any Pachchikam Jewellery involves a great deal of detailing and intricacy with setting and designing of each piece, which is painstakingly done by hands. It can be confidently said that the ruggedness and unevenness of every Pachchikam Jewellery design are perfect in its own way because there won't be any truly identical piece that can be easily found!

The aesthetical charm of the imperfections of the Pachchikam Jewellery has the ability to compete at a global platform. Popularly used base material for Pachchikam Jewellery is silver in which are set uncut glass and beautiful semi-precious stones. One interesting aspect of keeping silver as the base to make Pachchikam Jewellery is its easy affordability for the masses. Silver has a close affinity to platinum but isn't pricey and that makes it a popular pick especially for weddings and many special occasions. The main hues of glass or stones used in Pachchikam Jewellery are white, red, green, blue and white rice pearls.

How to pair and wear Pachchikam Jewellery-

Due to its grandness and flashy appearance, Pachchikam Jewellery is mostly reserved to be adorned when there's a special occasion or celebration. So here are three useful tips to rock this chic jewellery!

: Keep the dressing subtle, preferably, monochrome. This means that pairing your Pachchikam neckpiece with an earthy or subtle Indian dress (all-over one colour) is going to get you loads of compliments. If there's an evening party, you might as well opt for an all-black gown and wear a colourful bracelet to grace your delicate wrist!

: Go for one at a time! It may be quite overwhelming to enjoy wearing your entire  Pachchikam Jewellery collection at one go, but believe us, flaunt your treasurable pieces with only one at a time. Due to the overpowering style of Pachchikam Jewellery, it is best to go for one ornament each time you have an occasion to doll up! Wearing too much all together can undermine the beauty of each of your Pachchikam Jewellery piece.

: Be open to experimenting by wearing a Pachchikam anklet with a knee-length skirt and a stylish top or with a pair of denim ankle-length pants and a tank top!

We must recognise the labour that goes into making each Pachchikam Jewellery piece by the skilled craftsmen of Gujarat who has been following the traditional way of producing these beautiful baubles. This is why the large-scale production of Pachchikam Jewellery isn't easily possible. So treasure and care for your unique Pachchikam pieces and garner all the admiration from around when you wear them!