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Gemstone jewellery

Fall In Love With The Endearing Beauty Of Gemstone Jewellery

'I don't want more jewellery', said no one ever because jewellery always fits and when it comes to Gemstone Jewellery, its beauty speaks for itself! Gemstone Jewellery has been the most popular pick since ancient times. It has always been a symbol of status and grandeur. Gemstone has had its own importance on various levels, such as, for wealth, health, spirituality, power, position, emotions, etc. Gemstone jewellery has a story of its own that is passed down from one generation to another. Read on to learn more about Gemstone Jewellery and fall in love with its endearing beauty.

What's a Gemstone?

A gem is a piece of a mineral crystal that is cut, refined and polished to enhance its beauty and also to make it befitting for any jewellery. The non-mineral items, which are more organic like pearl or amber, and the rocks such as, lapis lazuli or opal, are certain kinds which are also known as gemstones.

Its existence and fame-

Almost 2000 years ago during the Indus Valley Civilization, there has been found the existence of semi-precious and precious gemstones, which were used to make ornaments, and as embellishments to adorn various other material items. These also had investment and aesthetic values, in fact, India is the country that introduced diamonds to the entire world! One of the finest examples of an invaluable diamond that belongs to India is the Kohinoor, which is a 158-carat oriental topaz. Apart from being the biggest hub of processing diamonds and other precious stones, it is also one of the biggest consumers, which has been seeing a continuous rise despite any situation.

Love for the gemstones was invariably present amongst the Mughals who invaded India and then the British, who were smitten by all the wealth abundant that ever existed here! The royal families of India were loaded with some very unique gemstones worth millions of dollars in the modern age.

Beyond a jewel-

An interesting aspect of gemstones is that these are equipped with many healing properties. Their energies and vibrations are effective in many ways. This ancient method of curing some ailments has been documented in many studies by famous astrologers and healers.

Navratna or the mighty nine gemstones-

The most important nine gemstones represent the planets, the sun and the moon.

Diamond - A diamond endows a wearer with the strength of success over enemies besides power and wealth.

Ruby - This pretty looking red gemstone blesses the wearer with longevity and success of a different dimension.

Emerald - The green and relaxing looking gemstone makes the wearer feel more secure and strong.

Yellow Sapphire - The medium bright stone in greenish-yellowish colour helps its wearer in improving his financial status.

Garnet - This spiritual stone is for higher-thinking and self-empowerment.

Blue Sapphire - A very strong gemstone, this one gives its wearer the power of love and wealth, together.

Pearl - This glistening gemstone is for peace, good fortune, to balance emotions and to get fame.

Cat's Eye - This gemstone endows the wearer with the power of enhanced wisdom.

Coral - The wearer of coral gemstone sees an influx of wealth, money, reputation, and fame.

Whether you wear a gemstone for its magical properties or plainly for the love of jewellery, gemstones will always upgrade your look and life in a positive way. These are a collection of treasure and undoubtedly the most unique jewels to own in a lifetime!