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coin jewellery

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Jewellery is one of the things that can be created from anything. It is the artistic side of the Indian artisans that seem to be inspired by currency and that subsequently has influenced the introduction of Coin Jewellery. This trend has been prevalent since the ancient ages and undoubtedly looks very exquisite and exotic. Using old coins or metals that resemble coins are utilised to create this kind of jewellery. Coin necklaces, in particular, are very popular traditional jewellery kind evidently seen being a favourite amongst the brides in South India.

What Coin Jewellery really is?

It is a wearable kind of jewel art which is made with real coins or motifs that look like coins. Coin jewellery has been very popular amongst women and men both and has been a symbol of status, prosperity and wealth. Fine coin jewels are made with precious metals like gold or silver however the fashionable coin jewellery is made with leather, acrylic or even wood.


Historical evidence of coins being used in jewellery have been found which are almost hundreds of years old. The old coins which were minted during the Vijayanagar Kingdom would have imprints of gods and goddesses, which were made in use to make coin jewellery.

Similar kind of coins was minted during Akbar's reign and the coins had verses from Quran imprinted over them which were considered lucky.

Some of the tribes in the hill stations of India such as in Himachal or Uttarakhand have the tradition of wearing coin jewellery made using threads and tools.

Coin Jewellery-

Coins have been heavily used to make jewels as well as for adornment of outfits. Brooches, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and so on, have all been made using coins. South India's Temple Jewellery is one such reference which displays the beautiful ways in which coins are used. It is quite a challenging task to make jewellery out of coins and at times a lot of coins do get broken while piercing them in order to place them into making jewellery.

Investment in Coin Jewellery-

The first point to consider when you wish to invest in coin jewellery is to look at the beauty of the creation. Authentic South Indian Jewellery is a good option if you wish to add a pretty piece of coin jewellery in your collection. One must be careful of the design where the ring line is too thin or asymmetrical. High gloss polishing of the coins is essential as well as smooth surfacing so as to embellish them with gemstones and rare crystals. The coins must be set in 'U' shaped wire as this channel setting keeps the coins secured in their place in any type or kind of jewellery.

Types of metals used in Coin Jewellery-

Mostly, coin jewellery is made from 14k gold or sterling silver. However, these can also be made with palladium, 10k, 18k, 22k or 24k gold, which is very rare. Platinum is also another strong metal that could be used for these.