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Hoop Earrings To Your Rescue

Tassels, chunkies, traditional earrings style, and the list goes on in the world of earrings. With changing trends, it becomes quite a task to find what suits you the best. Some are not even comfortable experimenting too much with their looks and feel left out of the fashion world of jewellery, And then, there's something to rescue any soul finding it difficult to match up pace with the fast lane of trends and fashion. Yes, it is the Hoop Earrings! These oldies are a classic and the safest bet when it comes to earrings. Some go big while some prefer small, but everyone belongs to the hoop family as these are mess-free, beautiful and suitable for all ages of women. Although the Western style of the hoop earrings is more plain and simple going from changing sizes and some additions. The Indian version of the hoop earrings can be seen as Bali earrings, which is a design very apparent in many cultures of India. Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, and so on are the places where one can find women wearing styles of Bali earrings or the hoop earrings, in gold.

Background –

This fad that picked up in the 60s when fashion was catapulting and making its way to build a character and identity of its own, hoops became a thing as a lot of actresses and divas channelled their inner sultriness by wearing hoop earrings. It is said that Hoops originated in the African continent where a majority of women wore hoop style earrings. It was the Nubia clan, a civilization that existed in the fourth century Africa, now famously known as Sudan.
Ancient Egyptian men and women both would wear hoop earrings. Some of the famous royal personalities who wore hoops were Nefertiti, Cleopatra, Tutankhamen, and many more. They believed that hoop earrings enhanced their beauty and finesse in a beautiful way.

Choosing the right Hoop Earrings in different colours-

The more traditional styles of hoops have always been around in gold, silver and metal styles. With the advancement in tastes, and production of a range of styles, hoops in diverse colours like crystal, rose, green and similar other options are easily available. Diamond studded earrings are definitely one of the statement styles to get your hands on. Hoops are a great pick if you're trying to:
1. Draw attention to your beautiful face cut and features.
2. Embody and show-off your classic persona and style.
3. Effortlessly match with your stunning wardrobe outfits.
-Pick big hoops for more fun occasions while small hoops are a great accessory for work.
- A key ring style or textured hoops, which means the metal may have some textures in glossy or matt finish.
- If you have more than one piercing on each of your ears, then stacking hoops is a stylish way of accessorizing the ears with the hoop earrings. You can mix and match the sizes of the hoops for each piercing.
- Thick metal hoops are unlike the thin circular ones. These are wider and thicker with the metal mass however may not be as big as the thin metal hoop earrings. Gold and rose-gold shades look absolutely amazing in these.